Age Group Session Dates (2021-2022)

Fall Session 2021 - August 30th- December 31st (Returning Swimmers August 23rd)

Spring Session 2022 - January 1st - May 31st

Summer Session 2022 -  June 1st - Championship Meets

Registration Fee (2021-2022)

All RICE swimmers must pay a Rice Aquatics Registration fee ($250), which is good September through August of the following year. The Rice Aquatics Registration fee includes USA Swimming membership (for one year), two team t-shirts, and two team caps.

Age Group Session Fees (2021-2022)

Age Group Developmental Track:

Age Group 1 - $600 per Session Fall/Spring and  $350 Summer Session

Age Group 2 - $675per Session Fall/Spring and $350 Summer Session

Age Group 3 - $750 per Session Fall/Spring and $400 Summer Session

Age Group Track 

Age Group 4 Navy -  $750 per Session Fall/Spring and $400 Summer Session 

Age Group 4 Silver - $880 per Session Fall/Spring and $500 Summer Session

Senior Track

Senior Navy - $700 per Session Fall/Spring and $400 Summer Session

Senior Silver - $1000 per Session Fall/Spring and $600 Summer Session

Senior White - $1000 per Session Fall/Spring and $600 Summer Session

There are No Refunds for partial sessions or missed practices. If Pro-longed schedule interruptions we will continue to offer programing in the virtual spaces and re-evaluate sessions monthly.

Please make all checks payable to Rice Aquatics.