Flight School Program

Flight School is an entry-level, developmental group for Rice Aquatics. The goal of this group is to have a positive entry point into year-round swimming. Flight School is offered as a twelve week session with a break for the winter/holiday season. Practices are offered twice a week for 45 minutes in four different schedules. Swimmers in this group are typically legal in one or two strokes and have some knowledge of all 4 strokes. Each practice is geared toward a specific technique or concept that will help with the overall progression of all four strokes. There are three 10 & under schedules and one 11 & over schedule. Swimmers in these groups are not USA swimming registered athletes and have no meet requirements.

Session Dates 2020 - 2021 Updated for 2020/21

Fall Session 2020 - September 21st - November 24th @ Tellespan Downtown YMCA

Winter Session 2020 -  - November 30th - Febuary 18th @ Tellespan Downtown YMCA

Spring Session 2021 -  February 22nd - May 6th @ Tellespan Downtown YMCA


Flight School Session Fees (2020-2021)

Fall/Winter/Spring Session 2020  - $340

Swimmers who were affected by the Covid Shut down in March can sign up for the Fall/Winter sessions at half cost. 

May Session - TBA 

June Session - TBA

There are no Refunds for partial sessions or missed pracitces. If Pro-longed schedule interuptions we will continue to offer programing in the virtual spaces and re-evaluate sessions montly.

Please make all checks payable to Rice Aquatics.