Masters Spring Registration - 2020

Open for Returning Members

12/16/19 - 2/29/20

Open for New Members

12/16/19 - 2/29/20


*Initial Registration

Please fill out the online registration forms completely and legibly. If paying by check please have the registration receipt and check with you at your first masters practice.

*** Please Scrol Down and Click Continue or Check Status ***

At the end of the online registration process you will be able to input payment options. Once completed your will see a confirmation page that states "pending approval". Print this ?Confirmation Receipt? or save to phone and use as a ?Temporary Pass? to display for access the first several of days of practice at the recreation Center Reception Desk. At your convenience, please bring the printed confirmation receipt of registration or saved confirmation receipt on your phone and bring to the RICE University Police Department (RUPD) and get a RICE Masters ID Photo (read below) at this time. You will now be able to have access to the recreation Center during our practice times for the remainder of the session. 

Registration Check List :

  • ___ Fill out Registration Information Online
  • ___ Register online with USMS
  • ___ Register Online and pay by CC/ACH (or coach on last try out date if paying by check)
  • ___ Print Success/Confirmation Receipt and Go to RUPD and get photo ID
  • ___ (Optional) Go to RICE Parking and purchase parking pass (cash or check only)
  • ___ Begin Swimming

?Payment Options

  • Paying by Check
    • You still have to register online through the website and choose pay by check as your payment option. 
    • Dropping off a check at the pool prior to or in place of registering online will not allow you to gain access to our practices.
    • Please make it out to RICE Aquatics Masters. If you give a coach a check please follow up with an email to so we can ensure your check is registered quickly in our system.
  • Paying by ACH or CC
    • CC should be an instant payment and ACH can take up to 3 business days to clear your bank.
  • Those choosing to pay by CC with our Pay Anywhere POS App will no be charged the 2.5% CC Processing Fee. Choose pay by check on the registration and contact Coach Jason on how to pay through the POS App. ***New for 2019***

  • Questions about Registration
    • If you have any questions please send an email prior to registering online. 

USMS Registration 

All of our Masters swimmers need to be USMS registered in order to meet liability standards. You can find the link to the USMS online registration page on our registration link (and below). USMS registration is $35 for the calendar year. Swimmers will not be able to gain access to practice with out being a current USMS member. 

USMS Registration

Parking Pass 

Once you have received your photo ID from RUPD, you will be able to purchase an Early Bird/Late Bird parking pass for use in West Lot 3 (For latest Rates check with the parking dept.). Parking permits are available in the central garage offices across the street from the recreation center. There is a $30 proxy card purchase at the time of registration for a parking pass. Rice Parking Services only takes cash or check when purchasing a parking pass. Rates are subject to change, please check with RUPD for latest updated rates.