Space City Aquatic Team

A Long History of Pride and Excellence

The Space City Aquatic Team (SCAT) was founded in 1977 when two "AAU" teams (The Clear Lake Tigers and The Clear Creek Sharks) merged. SCAT’s ambition at that time was to provide a feeder system for the area high schools and summer league teams. SCAT quickly exceeded their ambition by sending two of their swimmers to the 1980 Olympic Trials! Since 1977, SCAT has continued to exceed its goals while focusing on a comprehensive competitive swim program for our community tailored to each swimmer's abilities. SCAT is not only recognized as one of Texas’s finest programs, but also on the national level by virtue of its National Age-Group, Sectional, Junior National, Senior National, and Olympic Trial swimmers.


"Teaching Excellence in life through Swimming"


  • To provide excellence in professional coaching and programs to develop individuals to the best of their abilities to compete at the highest levels;

  • To provide an atmosphere that inspires swimmers to achieve their maximum potential through a strong work ethic, discipline, self-motivation and self-esteem;

  • To develop team unity where everyone encourages and takes pride in each other at all levels of competition.

  • To instill a life-long love of swimming through enjoyment and accomplishment at all levels of swimming.



The Space City Aquatic Team is a multi level swimming program competing within USA Swimming (USA’s National Governing Body overseeing national and international competitions). Our training program attempts to provide challenging, yet success oriented competitive situations for swimmers of all ages and abilities focused on long-term success and development. The following policies outline our philosophy:

  1. We emphasize competition with oneself. Winning ribbons, medals, or trophies is not our main goal. You cannot control your outcomes just your own efforts. So even if the swimmer finishes first, but has swum poorly in comparison to his/her own past performances or fails to demonstrate newly learned skills, he/she is encouraged to do better. The individual’s long-term improvement is our primary objective. Our objective is to foster a love of sport and foundation of skill that will serve a child through college and beyond.

  2. Good sportsmanship is of equal importance to improved performance. All the coaches teach swimmers hoto behave like a champion whethe swimmers have both a "good" and a "bad" swim.Respect for officials, congratulations to other competitors, encouragement to teammates, determined effort, and mature attitudes are examples of behaviors praised and rewarded bthSpacCitAquatic Team coaching staff.                         

  3. A swimmer is praised for improving his/her stroke or time. It is the coach’s job to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide love and encouragement that bolster the swimmer’s confidence along the way. Swimmers are taught to set realistic, yet challenging goals for meets and to have those goals relate to and direct their training efforts.Swimmers are prepared and encouraged to compete in all swimming events, distances, and strokes. This policy promotes versatility and encourages the swimmer to explore his potential in the wide range of events offered in competitive swimming. Oftentimes, a swimmer’s "best" stroke changes as he or she matures and his/her body goes through physical changes.


Nothing has a greater influence on the quality of aquatic sports than the excellence of the coach. The Space City Aquatic Team staff consists of professionally trained coaches who constantly pursue personal growth and expanded knowledge on both the sport of swimming and the development of children/athletes. They have access to the most comprehensive training and certification program for youth coaches of any sport in the United States. Certified coaches in U.S.A. swimming programs possess training and experience in the physiology and psychology of adolescent development. Our coaching staff provides the assurances that the time your swimmer spends in swimming will be quality time.