Note: We are reviewing 2019-20 volunteer policies. These will be posted soon. There will be slight adjustments.


2018-19 SSAN Volunteer Policies: COMMITMENT to WORK

Swim Streamline at Northampton is beginning its 10th year as a USA team. We have had significant growth and success and a Team cannot function without the generosity and commitment of its volunteers. We need your help in many areas!

ALL SSAN families are required to volunteer in three areas as outlined below.

A.    SSAN hosted swim meet volunteer hours.

This year SSAN will host 4 USA swim meets and 1 summer league meet! The meets help offset costs of long course water rental and other team necessities. The significance of our hosted meets to our team cannot be overstated. For that reason, every family is expected to contribute at our 4 meets during the year.

Every family will have mandatory shifts at the following meets or a fine will be applied to your team account whether or not you participate in the meet or any meet, quit, or are on team break. It takes a TEAM to run a successful meet before, during, and after.

The parent support requirements for each season are listed below by group. For families with multiple swimmers, your total obligation will be the volunteer requirement for only your highest level swimmer. Note: If your child moves up groups during the year, you owe the new group volunteer shifts for your highest level swimmer.

If you leave the team or take a break/stop swimming before the Sprint Sizzler June Meet and have not fulfilled your hours requirement at the time you leave, you will be fined for shifts not complete, unless you make prior arrangement with the Head Coach and Volunteer Coordinator to complete your remaining obligation after you leave.

Shifts are expected to be 1.5 -3.0 hours long depending on the meet session length or job.

We will host the following meets during the 2018-19 swim year. (Dates subject to change):

September 22, 2018- Intra squad Meet at Klein Oak- all ages/ swimmers are eligible

October 12-14, 2018- October Open Meet at Klein Oak- all ages/ swimmers are eligible

January 18-20th, 2019 – Winter Invite All ages swimmers are eligible prelim/final meet at Klein Oak

March 30, 2019- SSAN IMX meet at Klein Oak- all ages/ swimmers are eligible

June 2-3rd, 2019- Sprint Sizzler- NWAL summer league meet at Klein Oak



Short Course Season (September 1 – March 30)

Long Course Season (April 1- August 1)

National, National Development 2, State


1 shift

National Development 1, Black, Gold, State development


1 shift

White, Advanced, Age Group 1 & 2, Silver


1 shift



1 shift



1 shift

Technique & Fitness



Summer league tune up


1 shift

Home school (attend meets)



Home school (do not attend meets)



 The maximum number of shifts required per FAMILY is different, review the table above for shift requirement break down. For families with multiple swimmers, your total obligation will be the volunteer requirement for only your highest level swimmer. For families joining after January 1, requirements will be prorated. Families who do not fulfill their requirements by the end of each hosted meet will be fined $50 per unworked shift. Prepayment may be made at the start of the season to waive volunteer requirements for only our own hosted meets (max $350). This does not include timing at away meets. All families that attend meets are expected to take a shift of timing per meet throughout the year. Please review the timing policy below.

All volunteer meet shifts/positions will be available at, under events. You will be able to sign up and review your shifts. Any questions contact:

B.     Timing at Away Meets:

All families attending meet hosted by a team other than SSAN will be required to help with timing assignments as part of their obligation of attending meets. Timing at away meets will not count toward your volunteer hours. Depending on the number of chairs we are assigned to fill, families will be required to fill a minimum 1 chair per family or, if needed, 1 chair per swimmer entered.

The timing sign up will be set up and made available through Signup Genius as soon as the timeline and timing assignments have been posted by the host team to Gulf Swimming (typically Tuesday or Wednesday of the meet week). Slots may range from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the length of the meet and the number of swimmers attending. We have to have timers in our designated lanes throughout the meet or the meet will stop. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

If any timing slots remain open, at the time of the meet, all families (with a swimmer in the meet) not signed up to time will be fined $50. In addition, anyone who does not show for their timing slot must arrange for a replacement. Coaches will not find a replacement. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine billed to your account. Swimmers of these families will not be entered in future meets until the fine has been paid. If all timing slots are filled, remaining families will not be fined. Families with a parent participating in the meet in another capacity (official, meet director, etc.) are exempt from this policy for that meet.

C.    Additional Support: Coach Laura e-mails and asks for help!

Parent support is vital to the success of our swimmers and our team. There are many areas throughout the year that require your help to make the events fun for your children, to offer the best possible swimming experience, and to allow our coaches to coach during practices and meets.

Many of our families already contribute in these areas, but for those who do not, we want to encourage them to find one or more areas of interest to assist. 

Please circle any areas you feel you can help!

  • Certified Meet Official (requires training)
  • Help with team registration
  • Specialized Meet Positions (working more than the minimum required shifts) such as Meet Director, Meet Coordinator, Console, Timing and Meet Manager, Concessions)
  • Parent Rep during practice- be available to answer questions about upcoming meets, events, etc.
  • Awards coordinator- pick up remaining awards at meets and hand out during practice
  • Fundraising events such as the swim-a-thon
  • Christmas Party
  • Annual Awards Dinner
  • Philanthropy Coordinator: SSAN gives back!
  • Meet Operations
  • Spirit Store
  • Lost & Found Coordinator
  • Travel trips!
  • Swim Streamline Aquatics Booster Club
  • Team photos
  • Travel Meet spirit bags
  • And so much more!