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UPDATED: SSAN Summer tune up is still going on! The water is waiting for you!


WHAT IS IT? Tune up is just the time period when some new swimmers join SSAN to 'tune up' for summer league or long course.  SSAN will go back to the basics as we start a new season. Focus will shift to more drills, technique work, kick sets, and building endurance for summer league and preparation for long course.  All current members just continue to pay monthly. All returning 2018-19 swimmers that might be on break, that return, will also resume monthly payments.  ALL NEW swimmers 2018-19, need to pay a seasonal registration fee and the monthly rate that their swimmer is assigned. Online registration is OPEN! New tune up swimmers will receive 1 latex swim cap and lots of skills/endurance to take with them to stay fit this summer!

Currently swimming: If you currently swimming YEAR ROUND with SSAN then this doesn't apply to you. Your kids are registered and just continue with swim practice & meets.

You have been on break: If you are current 2019-20 team members that have been on break and would like to return February 3, please let me know so your account can be reactivated.

New or returning this year: If you haven't swum since last Spring or have siblings that would like to swim to get in shape for summer league or long course, online registration is still open!

All swimmers must be assigned a group prior to registration. All fees will be paid online. USA forms must be filled out and can be found at www.swimstreamline.com, under team documents. The form will be SSAN  USA seasonal registration 2020.

Tune Up Seasonal rates:

Swimmer Registartion Fees: 

$75 per seasonal tune up swimmer registration fee ($20 flex USA fee plus $55 team fee)- charged 1 x per swim year.  This registration fee will be billed to your account after your register & only once per season)

(Each swimmer receives 1 latex swim cap).

PLUS the assigned group fee per month you swim (review below for fees per group). Month #1:May 1-31, Month #2: June 1-30, Month #3- July 1-31, Month 4- August 1-30  You can continue to practice with SSAN after August only if you continue monthly fees.

Monthly fees per swimmer: This fee will be charged at registration online and every month you swim.

10 & under groups: Contact Coach Allie for group placement

Nemo @ Inway (practice offered 4 days per week x 30 minutes)- $100 per month

Bronze @ Inway (practice offered 5 days per week x 45 minutes)- $110 per month

Silver @ Inway (practice offered 5 days per week x 60 minutes)- $125 per month

Platinum @ Inway (practice offered 6 days per week x 1.25 hour- $130 per month

Advanced at Northcrest (practice offered 6 days per week x 1.25 - 1.5 hour)-$140 per month

Ages 11-14: Contact Coach Allie for group placement

Junior @ Windrose (practice offered 6 days per week x 1 hour)- $125 per month

White @ Windrose (practice offered 6 days per week x 1.25 hour)- $140 per month

Gold @ Northcrest (practice offered 7 workouts per week x 1.5-1.75 hour)- $155 per month

Black@ KO (practice offered 8 workouts per week x 1.5 -2 hour)- $170 per month

State Development @ KO (practice offered 8 workouts per week x 1.5 -2 hour)- $175 per month

High School:  Contact Coach Allie for group placement

National Development 1 @ Windrose- $170 per moth & Nat dev 2 @ KO- $195 per month (practice offered 8 workouts per week x 1.5- 2 hour)

All Ages:

Technique and Fitness @ Windrose (practice offered 5 days per week 1 hour)- $125 per month


Practice Schedule: The current practice schedule is posted at www.swimstreamline.com under TEAM INFO- click practice schedule.

Opportunity to swim 1 USA Swim meets this summer . Flex membership is good through August 31, 2020 and you can swim in 1 meet! No champ meets or more than 2 meets allowed on a flex membership.

For more information or to be assigned a group- contact Admin@swimstreamline.com