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Account & Billing

How much does it cost?

This is a tough question to answer. There are many factors that determine the initial, monthly, and yearly costs for swimming with SSAN. The cost is also determined by the type of program you are wanting to participate in each month. 


What is the USA Swimming Registration Fee?

This is an annual fee paid to USA Swimming and the local LSC. It covers the cost of USA Swimming and Gulf Swimming registration, a subscription to the informative “Splash” magazine, and also covers your swimmer for insurance.

  • Yearly membership- cost is $81.
  • Flex (seasonal) membership- cost is $20.00, with $10 required by USAS and $10 to Gulf Swimming.


What is the SSAN Team Registration fee?

This is an annual fee paid to SSAN. This fee helps pay for team operations, pool rental, and equipment.

  • All competitive groups- $150 (1st swimmer), $100 (2nd swimmer), $75 (3rd swimmer)


What is the SSAN Booster club membership?

Swim Streamline Aquatics Booster Club is a non-profit (501c3) organization supporting the Swim Streamline at Northampton (SSAN) swimming community. Boosters provide many benefits to all swimmers of SSAN such as free and tax-free spirit wear and other merchandise; assisting with coach travel and expenses to out of town meets; purchasing Champs t-shirts for each swimmer attending Fall, Spring and Summer champs; and coordinating fun events such as the Jr. National Qualifier party, Spring Banquet, social events and drawings for prizes!

  • 1 registered swimmer- $50
  • 2 registered swimmers- $75
  • 3+ registered swimmers- $100


What is the monthly rate for my swimmer’s group?

Each SSAN training group has a different monthly fee. You can find the monthly cost for each group/program by checking out our Team Pricing & Fees page, under the Parent tab on the website, or by clicking HERE.


Do you offer multi-swimmer discounts?

YES! Those with 2 registered swimmers and paying monthly receive a 2% discount off their monthly group fee. Those with 3 registered swimmers or more and paying monthly receive a 3% discount off their monthly group fee.


Do you offer a discount for those paying a year in full?

YES! Those that wish to pay for a full year in advance will receive a 10% discount on a swimmer’s monthly fees.


Do you offer Active Military Discounts?

Currently, we do not have an Active Military Discount but are looking at this in the near future.


When are monthly dues billed?

Monthly due are automatically billed the 1st day of every month through your account on our website.


How can I pay my monthly dues?

Monthly dues are paid by credit card.


Should we take a break so my child doesn’t get burned out?

If the swimmers are enjoying practice and competitive life, no need. However, we realize that the holiday season, school, and other activities take a toll on the swimmers and their families. We want swimmers to love being around the pool and the sport. During these times we recommend reducing water time and not give it up altogether. Talk to the coaches about the specifics for your family. Also, ask your kids daily if they are having fun!


How do I deactivate/reactive my account?

To deactivate your swimmer’s account or reactivate your swimmer’s account a Google Form must be filled out.

  • Deactivation forms must be filled out before the 15th of the month prior to leaving or your account will be billed monthly dues. A $15.00 deactivation fee is allied to your account upon deactivation. For the deactivation for click HERE
  • You can reactivate your swimmer’s account at any time. Please note that a monthly fee will be billed to your account upon reactivating. For the reactivation form click HERE