18 & Under World 100s
Gulf Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300


What group should my child practice with?

To determine what group you child should train with, you must schedule an evaluation. All groups are based not only on age but ability as well. You can schedule an evaluation by emailing [email protected]


What time are practices?

Practice times are different for each group. To find our practice times, click HERE to our SSAN Practice Times page.


Can I swim at any pool location?

Not all groups practice at every pool. Each group has a specific pool at which they practice. To find out what pool-specific groups are at, you can check out our practice times and locations HERE.


Do I have to attend all the practices?

The practice attendance requirements are different for all groups. Some groups have no practice requirements while others require a certain percentage per month. To find out the practice requirements for your swimmer's group, click HERE for our SSAN Group Description page.


What is your weather policy?

SSAN rarely cancels practice due to weather so please plan to attend swim practice daily. However, if there is a weather emergency due to extreme cold for Texas or inclement tropical systems practice will be canceled. If it is storming outside we will plan to do dry-land for any group that is disrupted. Please check your email, Facebook page & Remind app. for any last-minute practice changes.


Are the pools heated?

Yes, all four pool locations are heated whether they are an indoor or outdoor pool. Outdoor pools are kept at temperatures between 82-84degrees Fahrenheit.


Is it too cold to swim outside during the winter months?

We are fortunate in Texas to have mild winters but we do have some fairly cold days throughout December/January/February months.  Most clubs in the Gulf area swim outside during these months with the aid of a heated pool.  Kids who start with us wear their Winter Badge of Honor!  It is important for the kids to have hats, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and parkas to wear when they arrive and leave for the greatest comfort. Swim shirts/suit maybe warn for those that may be sensitive to colder weather.


What equipment will my swimmer need?

Each group requires different equipment based on their training needs. Click HERE to find the required equipment needed for your child’s group.