18 & Under World 100s
Gulf Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300


Do I have to volunteer?

If you have registered your swimmer with USA Swimming and the SSAN competitive swim team you will have volunteer shifts based on your swimmer’s training group.


How many volunteer shifts do I have to complete?

The number of volunteer shifts is determined by the training group of your highest-level swimmer. Below are the number of shifts required for each group/program.

SSAN Group

Number of Shifts required during the Short Course Season (September 1 – March 30)

Number of Shifts required for Sprint Sizzler (SSAN’s NWAL Invitational)

National Select, National, State 1, State 2



Senior 2, Age Group 2, Titanium.



Senior 1, Age Group 1, Platinum, Silver, Homeschool Competitive all ages



Copper and Bronze




Are there consequences for not completing shifts?

Yes, your account will be billed $75 per unworked shift.


Isn’t Sprint Sizzler a summer league meet?

Yes, SSAN helps co-host the NWAL invitational Sprint Sizzler.


I am no longer a part of the team, do I have to complete my shifts?

If you are no longer part of the team and have not completed all your required shifts, you may contact our volunteer coordinator to set up your remaining shifts or you may opt to be billed for the unworked shifts.


Are Volunteer shifts prorated?

If you register for our year-round swim team and your registration date is after January 1st of the swim season, your volunteer shifts will be prorated based on your child’s group. Please contact the volunteer coordinator to find out more.