FAQ Sheet (Frequently asked Questions)

What is the USA Swimming (USAS) Registration Fee?

USA Registration is required for any swimmer participating in a USAS Club.  It provides for a subscription to "Splash" Magazine, USA registration card, access to the website and personalized swim database for each swimmer.  This fee will establish the swimmer's amateur status as a competitive swimmer, and provide insurance coverage during swim practice sessions and meets.

What group should my child swim in?

All swimmers must be evaluated and assigned a group by the Coaching Staff.

I/we don't like competition; do we have to attend meets?

While we do not require swimmers to go to swim meets we do encourage the activity as they progress.  Many world class athletes were afraid to compete to begin with but grew to love the thrill of competition and the desire to improve.

When/where are swim meets?

Unlike summer league where meets are every weekend, we choose about 1 meet per month to attend starting in October.  Most (75%) are in the Houston area but some are further away. (Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas)  We attend most of the open meets allowing any of our swimmers to compete.  In December and February we will attend Championship meets that require a qualification time to attend.  Meet entries and fees are due 2-3 weeks in advance of the upcoming meet and entry fees run about $5-7.00 per event.

What are the Seasons?

There are 3 competitive seasons in World wide swimming.  In the States, Short Course Yards (SCY - 25 yard pool) takes place from September through April.  This coincides with the rest of the World's Short Course Meters (SCM) season.  Swim Streamline at Northampton is a SCY pool.  From May to the end of the summer, swimmers prepare and compete in Long Course Meters (LCM) which are the World and Olympic Standard.

Is it too COLD to swim outside during the winter months?

We are fortunate in Texas to have mild winters but we do have some fairly cold days throughout December/January/February months.  Most of the clubs in the Gulf swim outside during these months with the aid of a heated pool.  Most of the kids who start with us wear their Winter Badge of Honor!  It is important for the kids to have hats, sweats, sweatshirts and parkas to put on when they arrive and leave for the greatest comfort.

Should we take a break so my kids don't get burned out?

If the swimmers are enjoying practice and competitive life, leave well enough alone.  The more time these land creatures spend in the water the better for their swimming.  However, we realize that the Holiday season, school and other activities take a toll on the kids and we want them to love being around swimming.  At these times it's better to reduce water time, not give it up all together.  Talk to the coaches about the specifics for your family. Also, ask your kids daily if they are having fun!

When and how are Monthly dues payable? Swim Streamline membership fees will be paid monthly. All monthly fees must be paid by the 1st of every month that you swim. Any balance owing after that the 10th of each month is subject to a $25 late payment.  If you decide to take a break from Swim Streamline you must notify the coaches via e-mail by the 15th of the month. Otherwise we will consider you eligible to pay for the next month of swimming. All swimmers must register USA during Swim Streamline season and pay annual team administrator fees upon joining the team.

How do I communicate any needs with the coaches?

Please email the coaches or schedule a time to speak with them.  Please refrain from taking coaching time away from other swimmers in the water while on the pool deck. Important swim team information will be sent via email, and I can find out more information regarding the swim team at www.swimstreamline.com. I also understand it is my responsibility to check my email frequently and/or visit the website to stay current on Swim Streamline news. All questions and concerns should only be directed to the Head Coach.

What is the difference between Swim Streamline, Summer Tune Up, Northampton Cudas, and Masters?

Swim Streamline is a USA sanctioned team that competes during the year (Sept-Apr, July/Aug) and focuses on a high level of technique and training to prepare the maturing swimmer for High School and College swimming.  www.swimstreamline.com

Summer League Tune Up is a program (March-April) designed for swimmers who have been out of the water since the previous summer and gives a head start on summer league participation. This group will join SSAN as seasonal athletes and get to experience SSAN during this 5-6 week period. Stay tuned to www.swimstreamline.com for updates.

Northampton Cudas  is a Summer League program run separate from Swim Streamline (end of April, May & June) sanctioned by the Northwest Aquatic League  designed for fun and enjoyment within the community.  The Cudas home pool is 6012 Root Road. www.northamptoncudas.com

Woodlands Masters Swim Team: is an adult fitness group that offers 26 coached weekly workouts, high quality instruction, and has a certified coaching staff.  WMST trains at Northampton, the NAT in Shenandoah, and YMCA. For more information visit www.wmst.net

What equipment do my swimmers need?

Click HERE for a list of required equipment for each group.