18 & Under World 100s
Gulf Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

2019-20 Practice Group

Monthly Fee-Payable by Credit card only

12 month plan paid in full 10% discount Sept- August payable by check only

Nemo (ages 9 & under)

$ 100.00


Bronze (ages 10 & under)



Silver (ages 6-10)



Platinum (ages 7-10)



Advanced (ages 8-10)



Titanium (ages 8-10)



Junior (ages 11 -14)



White (ages 11-14)

$ 140.00


Gold (ages 11-12)

$ 155.00


Black (ages 11-12)

$ 170.00


State Development (ages 13-14)




State (ages 13-14)

$ 185.00


*Technique & Fitness

$ 125.00


National Development 1 (ages 15-18)



National Development 2 (ages 15-18)



National (ages 15-18)



National Select (ages 15-18)



Home School Competitive (all ages)- on break June -Aug 2020. This group will resume in Sept 2020. Swimmers can join other groups on the team. 



*Home School non-competitive (all ages)- on break June -Aug 2020. This group will resume in Sept 2020. Swimmers can join other groups on the team. 



College (ages 18 & over)




Payable by CHECK ONLY to SWIM STREAMLINE: Can be paid on 1 check


2020 USA Registration per swimmer$62.00- updated rate as of 04/23/20Fee is paid once a year per swimmer. This money ($) goes directly to USA / Gulf Swimming.

*2020 USA Registration Flex membership$20 (applicable only to those in non- competitive Home School & 2020 Summer Tune Up, and Learn to Swim programs)There is a limit of 2 meets per year with this membership. If a swimmer decides to participate in more than 2 meets, they can upgrade to the full membership and pay the $72 difference at that time.


SUMMER TUNE UP & HOME SCHOOL NON – COMPETITIVE membership & registration team fees:

$75 per swimmer


TEAM FEES PER FAMILY, except home school non-competitive & summer tune up swimmers: paid once a year per family.

*revised as of 05/06/20

*$100 for 1st swimmer, $50 for 2nd swimmer, $25 for 3rd swimmer, 4thAdditional swimmers- $0, (max $175)


Year in Full Payments: look at above chart. The 10% discount has already been applied.

No refunds will be given. The year applies to Sept. 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.


College Swimmers: Year in full payment is $185 plus team ($55) and USA fees (now $62 or $20 for flex). Please review the membership packet for more details about the college rate.


OFF CAMPUS PE$50.  Swimmers need to be enrolled in this program at their school.


Transfer Swimmer= $2 per swimmer/form- This form and fee needs to be paid per swimmer that is transferring from another USA team, does not apply to summer league- different organization.




Booster Club membership:

The Booster Club Membership fee will be deducted automatically from your account saved on Team Unify on October 1st and will show up on your Statement as a payment to "Swim Streamline Aquatics”.  Your membership will be valid from Aug. 1, 2019 thru July 31, 2020. If you join at any time after October 1, you will be billed the appropriate fee upon registering. This fee is nonrefundable. This fee applies to ALL members / groups on SSAN.

Membership Fee per Family:

No Boosters fee as of May 6, 2020- not applicable right now.

One Swimmer - $50

Two Swimmers - $75

Three or More Swimmers - $100

This membership fee helps with purchasing five (5) t-shirts for your swimmer(s), team caps and bag tags for goal achievements, hosting social events for families and swimmers, and with pool rental fees for the year. 

ALL MONTHLY FEEScredit card only- auto pay every month

Multi Swimmer discount:

2 swimmers per month- 2% off monthly total

3 or more swimmers per month- 3% off monthly total


Discounts are applied at check out. The month to month fees can only be paid by CREDIT CARDNO checks!