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Our goal with the South Shore Sails swim lesson program is to teach children to be safe and have fun around water. Each of our instructors has a knack with children which comes from the joy they get from interacting with them. At South Shore Sails, we believe that children are more apt to learn when they are enjoying themselves & having FUN! Our method is designed to teach water safety skills that easily transition into sound fundamental stroke technique in a fun enviroment.


We have lessons for swimmers of all skill levels. From the most frightened to the most advanced, we have tips, drills, and activities for all kids who take lessons from us. Enroll in lessons from South Shore Sails and be pleasantly surprised by how quickly your child can learn to swim.  


South Shore Sails is leading the way for warm water swim lessons by recreating the warm summer sun in its indoor, year-round heated pool at the Fitness Center at South Shore Harbour. The Fitness Center keeps its indoor pool temperature at 86 degrees and the air temperature between 86 and 88 degrees. Add this to year 'round lessons in the beautiful state of the art Fitness Center facility, where parents can observe classes through the floor-to-ceiling glass wall separating the observation area from the teaching pool!


Our learn to swim classes feature a low swimmer to instructor ratio, flexible scheduling, and four different levels for beginning swimmerss of various abilities. All of our classes are offered once per week for 30 minutes, cost is $65 monthly for members of the Fitness Center & $80 monthly for non-members. 



Class Levels


Goldfish- This class is for children that come to us with little to no swimming experience. Our instructors use these sessions to focus on basic lifesaving skills as well as comfort & confidence in the water. Before progressing to the Seahorse level, children should become confortable in the water and learn skills such as blowing bubbles, entering and exiting the pool, kicking, submersion, gliding, and the beginning steps of floating on their back.


Seahorse- Children assigned to this level usually have little swimming experience but have completed our Goldfish classes or have taken lessons elsewhere.  The key emphasis in this class is learning respect for the water along with all of the safety skills that accompany it. Children learn to float on their backs for safety before learning to roll from a face down to a face up position in the water.  The lessons focus on glides, kicking, breath control, using “big arms,” retrieving toys from under the water, and entering and exiting the pool.


Starfish- This is the class where you start to see your swimmer making their way across the pool.  These children have mastered the art of propelling themselves through the water and are beginning to perfect their breathing techniques.  This class perfects arm motions as well as kicking form and glides. Children also learn how to easily get a breath by rolling to their backs and then back to their stomachs to consistently travel the width of the pool on their own.  Once they can rollover independently side-breathing is introduced. When the student can swim the width of the pool and back with side-breathing they are ready to move to the Dolphin level classes.


Dolphin- When children achieve promotion into this class they have already been introduced to side-breathing, otherwise known as freestyle. Our instructors have many drills to assist each student to transition from rolling over to turning to the side for a breath.  Students also practice treading water, and better backstroke technique. Also, in the Seahorse level you should see your student pushing off the wall in streamline position and butterfly kicks are introduced