Thank you so much for your interest in Spring Swim Team. 
We are a year-round USA Swim Team.  USA Swimming is the organization that leads to the Olympics.  We offer practice groups for many different levels of swimmers.  All groups work on stroke and technique as well as endurance and strength.  We strive to help all swimmers meet their individual goals.  This usually includes learning all 4 strokes, starts, turns, and finishes.  Some swimmers will have goals that take them all the way to competing at the highest level at the Olympics.
The age range of our swimmers is from 4-18 years old.
Our team participates in different levels of swim meet competitions.  All meets are USA Swimming sanctioned meets.  Meets are not required for all practice groups but swimmers are encouraged to participate regardless of their practice group assignment.  Proficiency in all 4 strokes is not required for meet participation.  Meets are usually scheduled about once per month.
Our practice groups range from 45 min sessions 2-3 times per week to 2-hour sessions 5 days a week.  Our coaches do an evaluation for each swimmer to determine the correct practice level depending on the ability and goals of the swimmer. 
You can see our regular practice schedule by  CLICKING HERE. 
Registration Fees:  Registration fees range from $120-179 per year depending on your choice of USA Swimming Membership (renewed every August) and include
  • Yearly USA Swimming Membership Premium $98 or Flex $30
  • SST Team Registration - 1st Swimmer $100, $75 each additional swimmer - $250 max per family
  • SST Team T-shirt 
  • SST swim cap.
Monthly Dues:  The monthly dues range from $90-$149 depending on the group.  
Meet Fees:  The meets we attend are mostly in the Houston area at various locations.  The requirements for attending meets are also dependent on the practice group.  The beginner group typically does not have a requirement while the upper-level groups are expected to compete at most meets.  The meet season starts in October and continues through April with about one meet per month.  All meet fees are paid by the swimmer at the time of meet entries.  
Outreach Program We offer an Outreach program for swimmers who qualify for financial assistance.  Please CLICK HERE for details about this program if interested.
Off-Campus PE  Currently we offer Off-Campus PE for the following school districts:  Spring ISD, Klein ISD, and Conroe ISD.  Hours required for this program depend on the ISD and what you select with them.  The range is 5-15 hours of practice per week.  In addition to registration and monthly dues, there is a $75 per semester fee for this program.  If interested, please contact the counselor at your school.  He/she will give you the necessary paperwork for SST to fill out and return. 
Location  SST practices at Spring High School at the Northeast corner of I45 and Cypresswood.   Enter from the feeder into Entrance B.  The pool is located directly across from the softball field between 2 gyms.
Before you register, it is necessary to have your swimmer come in for an evaluation so that Coach Michael can determine which practice group is right for him/her.  Please contact [email protected] to schedule an evaluation.
Once you do the evaluation, Coach Michael will tell you which practice group is the right fit for your swimmer and you can get him/her registered online.
Our head coach, Michael Hernandez, has over 30 years of experience coaching and has coached several national and state ranked swimmers.
Please contact us to schedule your evaluation as soon as possible.