Covid-19 Protocols - Keeping Our Members Safe!

Tracy Acosta

During this time we have many procedures that we are following to protect our swimmers and coaches from Covid-19.  These protocols are strictly enforced by both our team and Tomball Independent School District.  Please read through the following information below carefully.

  • All swimmers are required to wear a face mask when entering and exiting the facility.  Masks should be worn at all times unless actively working out or swimming.
  • All swimmers in White Group and Swim Lessons are required to check-in with a staff member and enter through the main lobby doors.  They are to maintain 6ft of social distancing at all times even while waiting to check in for lessons/practice.
  • Coach and lane assignments will be given at check-in and must be followed in order to abide by social distancing protocols.
  • All swimmers will exit through the pool deck doors.
  • All swimmers need to arrive in their suit ready to swim.  Locker rooms will not be accessible for changing attire.  Hallway restrooms will be made available if need arises during practice.  But swimmers will only be granted access one at a time.
  • All swimmers are required to bring their own towel and equipment to practice.  Laundry Service is not currently provided.
  • All swimmers must bring a water bottle to practice.  Water fountains are currently off limits.
  • All lanes are currently limited to no more than five swimmers at a time.  Swimmers are to be socially distanced in the pool while stationary and will be assigned starting/stopping points.
  • At this time we are unable to allow parents or spectators in the facility for any reason.  Parents are asked to wait in their vehicle once your swimmer has been checked in.  You may also drop off your swimmer and return for them at the completion of their lesson/practice if you choose to do so.