New Remind 101 Groups

Tracy Acosta

Good Afternoon, Parents

Next week on January 18th we will begin our first practice at the new pool at Tomball Memorial High School.  Now that our team will be split amongst two practice locations we have created new Remind 101 groups that we are asking you to join.  Links for each Remind can be found below.

Please be sure to archive/delete any previous TASC Remind Group that you have been a part of and join the new group based on your swimmer's assigned location.  

It is of utmost importance that you join the appropriate remind group, as this is how we regularly communicate with parents and swimmers regarding needs for practice, changes in location or times, and meet reminders.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Coach Tracy



TASC - TMAC REMIND (Tomball Memorial)