The TASC Coaching Staff would like to welcome you to the Tomball Area Swim Club.  As parents of swimmers, we all have questions and concerns in regards to our children and the sport of swimming, such as:

  • How and when do I interact with the Coach?
  • Should I help coach my child as well?
  • What should I say to my swimmer before, during or after a race?
  • What if we need to miss practice?

These are just a few of the questions that may come to mind as navigate your life as a swim parent.  There are many helpful links to answer these and other questions you may have.  Listed below are just a few of those for you to read.


Helpful Links & Resources for Swim Parents:

What is Age Group Swimming

Role of A Swimming Parent

Swim Parent Resources

American Swim Coaches Association, (ASCA), Articles


Other Helpful Links (Click Here)

The Tomball Area Swim Club also has certain expectations for our parents from volunteering to timing at meets.  We hold all of our families to the highest of moral and ethical standards as described in both the parent and swimmer's codes of conduct which you signed during the registration process.  These codes ensure that all of our members, both parents and swimmers, behave in an honorable fashion and uphold the values of our team.  The parent board and coaching staff take these codes very seriously so that the integrity of our club is always at the highest level.

Every family is also required to assist the club by timing at meets.  This is not a volunteer opportunity, but rather an obligation on each family to assist with the required timing assignments the club is given for each meet we attend.  Someone will contact you about timing at the meet and you will be assigned a timing slot.  The timing schedule will be posted on the Website a few days before the meet on our team Website.  If for some reason, you are not able to time at your scheduled slot, you will need to trade with another family to make sure your time slot is filled.

At Swimming Meets, parents do have an important role, but it is not coaching.  We ask that all families sit together to help form a unified team spirit for our swimmers.  In our TASC team shirts, the parents cheer on all the TASC swimmers and enjoy each other's company, assisting our parents, swimmers and coaches as needed.  Always make sure your swimmer talks to their coach both before and after their race - your job as the parent is to encourage and comfort them, but not to coach them.  We would never want to tell them something different than the coach tells them which would just lead to confusion on the swimmer's part.

Practicesare very important!  The coaches will stress how vital it is that your child attends as many of the practices as possible.  If for some reason your swimmer will miss or be late to a practice, you must make sure and email or text the coach to let them know.  This common courtesy will allow the coach to plan accordingly for the practice. 

The TASC Coachesare here for you and your swimmer.  If you ever have a question regarding your swimmer or any aspect of the coaching process, please contact your child's coach as needed.  The coaches always have the swimmer's best interest at heart and will discuss any questions that you and your swimmer may have.  Don't be afraid of them, just email or call them when they are not on deck to schedule an appointment.

Parents of swimmers are special people - at least we like to think so!  So, enjoy watching your child grow and learn and make this experience fun and exciting for them - let the coaches do the hard work of coaching and training.  We are glad that you are part of our swim family and look forward to a great season.

On Deck Parent - Our webpage is based on the Team Unify platform which is an integrative platform for coaches, administrators and parents.  If you have an iPhone or Android phone you may download the "On Deck Parent" application which allows you to track your child's times, follow their events at meets, and many other useful tools.  CLICK HERE for instructions on how to download and utilize this app.

Deck Pass from USA Swimming- USA Swimming has launched a new online application where swimmers can share their achievements with one another.  They can track their best times, set goals and earn digital patches for their accomplishments.  CLICK HERE to register for Deck Pass.

Club Directory- If you would like to contact another parent on our team, please utilize the "Members" button at the top of our webpage to access the team directory (You must be logged in for this access).  For parents who do not want to have their information available in the directory, please mark the appropriate box on your account information page. 

Traveling Soon?-- If you are planning on traveling, you should consider contacting another USA club about participating in their practices while you are in their area. CLICK HERE to see a list of USA clubs in the area by using the "Find A Club" feature on the USA Swimming website.