The Sharks Swim Club is a community based competitive swim team which exists to provide the best possible environment and resources to enable our athletes to achieve the highest levels of personal development, character, and skills to succeed in swimming and in life.

What Sports Should Teach Us - June 11, 2014
Dr. Alan Goldberg-Sports Psychology for Athletes, Coaches & Parents

If sports should teach us anything of value, it should be a vehicle to teach us to become better individuals. 

It should teach us to be humble and selfless, to put our own needs behind those of our team. 

It should teach us to be a good sport, to be honest and to play fair. 

It should teach us to respect our teammates and especially our opponents, and to see the latter as our partners in a mutual pursuit of excellence. 

Sports should teach us to set aside our egos and self-aggrandizing behaviors like bragging and putting others down. 

Sports should teach us to work hard for a worthy goal and to accept both victory and defeat with class.