Introducing the Sharks Clinics


The clinics run throughout the year on Saturdays. Clinics are a chance for swimmers in one of our recreational groups to get extra work on skills, for non-Sharks swimmers to work on skills or for Summer League swimmers to get ready for their summer swim team. 


We have 2 options for Clinics:

    1. Saturday clinics throughout the year

    2. 2-3 months Swim Fit program


Saturday clinics will focus on one to two strokes or stroke skills and are limited in size. All clinics are led by our Sharks coaching staff. 





None at the moment.


To register for the Saturday clinics, click on the date you'd like to participate in. Each is linked to the registration page. 


Each clinic is $20 and each swimmer has a $25 registration fee to cover their USA Swimming FLEX membership. Current Swim Fit or Fall Squad '21 swimmers do not have a registration fee.


Want to Swim More!


If a swimmer is looking to swim more frequently to get ready for the middle school swim team or summer swim team, joining the Swim Fit group for 2-3 months would be the best option. The group meets Monday-Thursday at the Stevenson Park pool in Friendswood. There is a registration fee but no meets or volunteer hours are required. The practice schedule is:


Swim Fit Practice Schedule at Stevenson Park Pool    



  Come dressed for drylands



Registration for Swim Fit is $75 + $130/mo. Swimmers can practice up to 4x/wk in this group. 





Cost, Registration, Minimum requirements:

  • Swimmers need to be 4yrs+ and able to swim 25 yards free and back. Any swimmer graduating from the Sharks Swim School level 2/3 or current participants in the Summer/Fall Squad of Swim Fit. 
  • Clinics are $20/each. If a swimmer does not have a current USA Swimming membership, there will be a $25 registration at the first clinic.
  • Swimmers who participate in the clinics and continue with the Summer Squad team will receive a $20 credit toward their registration. Swimmers who participated in the Fall Squad or Swim Fit program in 2021 have a current USA Swimming FLEX membership and will not have a registration fee.
  • Swimmers should wear a competitive swimsuit and bring a pair of goggles and cap (if long hair) to the clinic. Any additional equipment needed will be provided.


Click HERE to register for Swim Fit