SHARKS Swim Club Lessons

Welcome to the Sharks Swim School registration portal. All group classes (monthly sessions or drop in lessons) will be registered for through the Team Unify platform. Private lessons are booked through the Vagaro booking app

Group classes are available at multiple locations through out the year:

1.Friendswood HS Natatorium:  year round evening classes & weekend drop in classes
2. Morning pool in League City - Landing Blvd:  May-September morning & evening classes
3. Pomona (neighborhood Manvel) pool: May- September morning & evening private/semi private lessons 
4. Clear Springs HS pool: private, semi private or adult lessons year round


To Register:

  1. Find the desired location for your class (Friendswood/Landing Blvd/Pomona).
  2. Select the LEVEL OF YOUR SWIMMER (Level 1/Level 2/etc).
  3. All of the available classes for that location & level will populate.
  4. Click on the REGISTRATION BUTTON.
  5. If the class you would like is full, you can register for the waitlist. Waitlisted swimmers will be registered for classes as soon as spots become available.
  6. Classes are not perpetual. You will need to register for each session you would like your child to attend. 
  7. For our weekly classes at Magnolia Creek, click on the week(s) you'd like to attend. All of the classes offered during that time will populate. 


The SHARKS SWIM SCHOOL participants will be taught a skill progression to foster a love of the sport while learning an important life skill. Classes are general run as a session of 4,6,or 8 classes. Group classes of 4 lessons is $75, 6 lessons is $110, and 8 lessons is $145. Every swimmer in the program (group or private) has an annual $35 registration fee. 




We recommend that all students have goggles for their classes. Swimmers are encouraged to not wear swim shirts. Swimmers with long hair will need to tie it up or wear a cap and we ask that girls wear a one piece or tankini style suit.


Prior to the start of a session, our swim school admin Ms Susan will be in touch with first day tips & reminders. Mid way through our sessions of 6 or 8 classes, she'll reach out with a skills update. At the end of the session, you will also receive a final skill update for your swimmer. 


Our classes tend to fill up quickly during the spring and summer months. Its best if you register for more than 1 class at a time. Spots are held to accomdate move up swimmers each month if needed.


Swim school swimmers are not required to complete a tryout prior to their first class. If you have questions about level, call us at 281.400.1175 to discuss your child's experience or schedule a quick tryout for them to show us their skills. 



For a detailed listing of all classes available at each of our locations click HERE



If you have any questions, please contact the swim school director at [email protected] OR call us at 281.400.1175



Landing Blvd small group lessons

  • Beginning in May, we will be offering small group lessons at the Landing Blvd pool in West League City. 
  • The Landing Blvd pool is located at: 1109 Landing Blvd., League City, Texas 77573.
  • May small group lessons will be Wednesdays & Fridays 4:30-6:30pm.
  • June & July small group lessons will run mornings Tuesday-Friday in weekly sessions. Classes will run 9:30-10, 10-10:30 and 10:30-11am. Level 1,2,and 3 classes will be offered at each class block.
  • Small group classes have a group size of 1:3-1:4 swimmer:coach ratio. If the class sizes is bigger, an assistant coach will be added to the class.
  • Each swimmer has a $35 annual reigstration fee. Classes are $18/ class with group classes ranging from $75-$145 depending on how many classes are in a session. 
  • Swimmers who participate in the Landing Blvd AM classes can receive a multi class discount; receive $25 of of 4+ classes. 
  • Landing Blvd classes are open to all swimmers. There will be special resident only classes available as well. Contact Coach Kate if you'd like information- [email protected]


Magnolia Creek lessons

  • We will not be in the Magnolia Creek summer '23 for small group lessons

Pomona neighborhood - Manvel/Pearland 

  • The Sharks Swim School will be providing lessons for the residents of the Pomona neighborhood.  

  • UPDATE for Summer '23: Mornings will be private or semi private lessons only. Afternoon evenings will have both group and private/semi private lessons available.

  • Private lessons will be available beginning in May at the community pool or your home pool. Book via Vagaro.




Sharks Swim Club - Private / Semi-Private Lessons


  • Private lessons are available mornings at Magnolia Creek, Pomona or mobile. Evening private lessons are available Tuesday,Thursday at Friendswood HS.
  • All private lesson swimmers have a $35 annual registration fee.
  • Private lessons are booked via the Vagaro app.
  • Private lessons can be booked no sooner than 2 hours to the start of the class time. If you would like to book a class closer than 2hrs out, please call us to confirm the booking.
  • Private/semi private lessons require a 24hr notice for canceled classes. Classes canceled inside 24hrs or missed classes will be charged the full rate.
  • Email [email protected] or call 281.400.1175 with private lesson questions.









Questions? Contact Coach Kate at [email protected] or 281.400.1175 with questions about the Sharks Swim School. 

Swim School - Friendswood High School Natatorium - 1115 Falling Leaf Drive

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Pomona - Group Lessons

The Sharks Swim School will now be offering lessons in the Pomona neighborhood. Lessons provided at the Pomona Recreation Center are ONLY for residents of the neighborhood.

Lessons are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in small groups. Private & semi private lessons can be arranged with the coach.

Lessons will run for 2 weeks for a total of 6- 30 minute classes.

Small group @ Landing Blvd - 1107 Landing Blvd

The Sharks Swim School will be offering small group lessons at the Landing Blvd pool. Small group classes will meet in weekly sessions Tuesday-Friday. Each weekly session is registered for separately.

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