Seasonal Groups FAQ



  1. What seasonal programs does the Sharks Swim Club run?

             We run 3 main seasonal programs throughout the year.
         The Sharks Summer Squad runs  May - July
         The Sharks Fall Squad runs late August- mid October
         The Swim Fit group runs October-April  

  1. What is the difference between the Sharks Summer Squad and other summer league swim teams?

The Sharks Summer Squad is the part of the Sharks Swim Club (SHRK), which is a year-round swim team affiliated with USA Swimming.

All summer squad coaches have been certified by USA Swimming. Coaches have ongoing training with the Sharks staff, American Swim Coaches Association and the World Wide Swim School. 

Summer Squad swimmers will compete in 2-3 FUN meets and 2+ team events. 

The focus of the summer squad is FUN, FITNESS, and FUNDAMENTALS. The summer squad gives swimmers the opportunity to learn more about the sport of swimming in a fun, encouraging environment. 

  1. What is the cost of the Summer Squad?

The Summer & Fall Squad programs have a flat rate cost. The cost covers: USA Swimming FLEX membership + practice fees + meet fees + team T-shirt(s) + latex Sharks cap

The USA Swimming FLEX membership is a yearly fee & is included. The USA Swimming registration is good from September 1 through the following August. If a swimmer participates in the Summer Squad, they will need to register for a NEW FLEX membership. If a swimmer first participates in the Fall Squad, then they will still have an active FLEX membership for the Summer Squad.  Swimmers with a current FLEX membership will receive a discount of the registration fee is participating in 2+ recreational programs in the same swim season.


  1. Why do I have to register with USA Swimming? What is a transfer form?

The Sharks Swim Club is affiliated with USA Swimming and has liability insurance provided through that membership. All swimmers & coaches are registered with USA Swimming to provide coverage for everyone. If your swimmer has previously registered with a different USA Swimming club, you will need to complete a transfer form to attach to the Sharks Swim Club.  GULF transfer form


  1. Who will be coaching the Sharks Summer Squad?

  The Sharks Summer Squad has a great staff of coaches for both of our locations. Coach Kate Zabler is the Head Age Group Coach of the Sharks Swim Club and oversees the Summer squad program. We are lucky to have several of our coaches return year after year. 


  1. What is the minimum age & skill level to participate in any of the Sharks Recreational programs? 

            Swimmers need to be 5 years old and be able to complete 25 yards of free & backstrokes. 

  1. What if my child is younger than 5, but can complete the required skills?

 We set the age requirement to ensure that practices are age-appropriate. If your child is under 5, joining the Level 3 swim school class may be a better fit. Please contact Coach Kate to discuss the options available.

  1. Are private lessons needed? 

 Private lessons are not expected or encouraged at our program. If your child can not master a skill in a reasonable amount of time a coach may bring up the option. Several of our coaches are available for private lessons before or after practices.

  1. What about the weather? Do we swim in the rain? 

 The Summer Squad groups will have a REMIND group to share practice information. The kids are wet, so we do practice in the rain. If there is thunder & lightning we will postpone practice if possible until it is safe.

Remind class code: @ 

  1. Swim meets - how do I sign up? Who picks the events?

All Summer Squad & Fall Squad swimmers will be automatically registered for the meets that are included in their respective seasons. If your child CAN NOT attend a meet, please let their group coach know to remove them or decline the meet on our website. All events will be selected by the coaching staff.  

The Swim Fit Advance group swimmers will have premium USA Swimming memberships and are invited to participate in all club meets that they qualify for.

  1. Do I need to purchase a team suit or other gear? 

Summer & Fall Sharks do not need to purchase equipment. Swimmers need only a swimsuit and a pair of goggles to participate. Kickboards & caps will be provided. Swimmers may purchase a black Sharks Swim Club team suit if they chose. Swim Shops of the Southwest in Pearland is our team shop.

The Swim Fit group will need fins, kickboard, and snorkel for practices. 

  1. Will I be required to volunteer at the meets?

Yes, parent volunteers are required to run the meets. There are lots of ways to help at the meets including set up/tear down, timing, gathering swimmers. A sign-up form will be emailed out prior to the meet.

  1. What are the practice requirements?

 There are no practice requirements for our Summer Squad swimmers. Practices are offered 3+ x / week to allow for flexibility. We recommend that a swimmer come at least 2x/ week to be able to learn their strokes and give them time to work on their skills. Learning to swim is like any other skill, it takes consistent practice to get better. 


  1. How do I watch my child during practice? on deck?

For safety, security, and insurance reasons, only coaches, swimmers, and certified adults are allowed on deck at either pool. At the Friendswood Nat, parents are able to sit in the raised seating overlooking the pool. At the Magnolia Creek pool, parents can sit in line with or behind the baby pool. Parents are welcome to sit outside the perimeter fence to watch practice as well. At Stevenson Park, parents are welcome to sit outside the perimeter fence to watch practice. While watching practice, please do not talk to or signal your swimmer. Distracting them from what they are doing and what the coaches are saying will only hurt their experience.