Sharks Swim Club - Private lessons
Private and semi-private lessons are available year-round with the Sharks coaches. Private lessons are not recommended for year-round swimmers, if you think your swimmer needs extra work, please contact your swimmer's coach.
  • Private lessons are available 7 days a week based on instructor availability. We have limited times at the Friendswood Nat. Our instructors can come to your community pool or a backyard pool. 
  • Pool time at the Friendswood Nat is limited to evenings and Saturdays September-May.
  • Private and semi-private lessons costs depend on the type of lesson (regular, adaptive, 30 or 45min) and the coach who is leading the lesson. A list of the coach costs is on the private lesson calendar below.
  • To schedule a private lesson, please look at the availability chart below. You can contact the coach directly to confirm the spot or contact Coach Kate to help you schedule. 

  • Private lessons are paid via Paypal.   Once a date, time, and location have been arranged with the coach, please send the private or semi-private lesson fee to In the notes/comment, please note your swimmer's name and the coach they are working with.
               For example Andrew Smith, Coach Kate


 All available private lesson slots are listed.  Spots are listed by Coach. You can either contact the coach you'd like to work with directly or Coach Kate to schedule.
Private lesson coaches: 
  • Coach Dacia -
  • Coach Korbin -
  • Coach Anna -
  • Coach Troy -