Competitive Group Swimming Program

Our coaches' emphasis for every group is to teach superior technique.  As an individual swimmer improves, they will be promoted to higher groups. In the competitive programs our emphasis is always proper technique and includes endurance and sprint training.  No matter the personal goals of the swimmer, it is our responsibility to ensure each swimmer feels successful and enjoys attending practice.
Equipment list for all groups can be found here

All group placements are determined by the swimmer's coach. Swimmers will move up when they demonstrate the proper efficiency and when the swimmer's coach feels the swimmer is ready physically and mentally for the next group's challenges.  The group descriptions only serve as a general guide of requirements to be enrolled in that group; 

Additional Costs:

  • Registration Fee - The current charge is $80.00 for the first swimmer, $70.00 for a second swimmer from the same family and $60.00 for additional swimmers.  There are additional discounts available if you join the team in the spring or the summer.
  • USA Swimming Membership Fee - All swimmers who join Team YES! must be registered as a member of USA Swimming.  The current charge is $88.00 per swimmer.  A discounted fee of $50.00 is charged if you join the team after March 1st.
  • Fundraising Requirement - A fundraising fee of $100.00 per swimmer is required for all our families who have swimmers in our competitive groups.  A swim-a-thon is held to help our swimmers raise the required amount.

The Intermediate Group is a transitional group from our beginners group.  The focus is on technique with a portion of the practice spent on organized workouts.  Most swimmers in this group will have little to no background in swimming and will have a proficient freestyle and backstroke and are legal or close to legal in the breaststroke and butterfly. By mid season swimmers are expected to train using all 4 strokes legally.  Encouraged to attend meets.
The swimmers in this group have started to exhibit good swimming skills and desire to be involved with the team by attending meets.  Many swimmers in this group have participated in some type of summer league program.  Swimmers will be proficient in freestyle and backstroke while continuing to develop their breaststroke and butterfly techniques.  Racing starts and turns are introduced in this program.  Encouraged to attend meets.
The White Group incorporates the introduction of training methods with continued emphasis on proper technique.  The coaches teach the swimmers to understand the pace clock, intervals, etc.  Although this group is starting to become more serious with the sport of competitive swimming, having fun is never forgotten.  The swimmers continually participate in team building activities within each practice.  Encouraged to attend meets.
The Green Group is typically comprised of swimmers ages 9-13.  The focus of this group is to continue to develop stroke mechanics and competitive rules with an increased emphasis on training.  This group introduces mental training, team building, and a structured workout.  Success of each individual swimmer is based on an increased commitment level in attendance and practice effort.  Swimmers in this group attend most meets per season including an end of season championship meet.
The Blue Group is our advanced age group program.  This group is mainly comprised of swimmers between the ages of 11-15 who exhibit a high level of stroke development and strong desire to excel in swimming. The group will work on technical development  and focus primarily on meet development training.  Mental training, team building, and a structured workout are introduced.  Swimmers in this group attend most meets per season including an end of season championship meet and may also attend state level meets.
The Junior / Senior Group is our premiere elite age group program for experienced competitive swimmers.  Swimmers in this group should strive to maximize their abilities while fine tuning stroke technique and developing advanced training performance.  This group will be comprised of swimmers between 13-18 who exhibit a high level of swimming and workout ability, in addition to some younger age swimmers ranked at the state level.  In addition to the swimmers commitment to swimming, we emphasize   the maintenance of good academic standing.  Swimmers are expected to be mature, dedicated, responsible, and dependable.  Able to compete in all events offered and to have a high attendance percentage.