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Team YES! Aquatics of Houston is thrilled to announce our new apparel sponsorship with Arena U.S.A. Having a sponsorship with an apparel supplier is extremely advantageous to our swimmers, parents and coaches. The new sponsorship agreement with Arena USA will provide various discounts on many Arena items, including competition suits, equipment, and apparel.

Arena U.S.A. has been creating and marketing products for swimmers and swimming fans worldwide since 1973 and is currently recognized as one of the premium brands of high-quality swimwear and equipment. Over the course of the past 40 years, the company has developed expertise in developing best-in-class products with particular focus on the pool segment, while also gradually expanding into leisure swimwear. As a sign of Arena’s formidable dominance in the world of competitive swimming, in 2014, Arena U.S.A. signed an eight-year sponsorship agreement with USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the United States. The core feature of this sponsorship agreement between Arena U.S.A. and USA Swimming is Arena’s role as the exclusive sponsor of the US National Team, which includes creation of new National Team Uniforms.

Team YES! Aquatics of Houston’s sponsorship agreement with Arena U.S.A. will further enhance our Team’s Mission and Vision to develop swimmers who will work together to excel in the sport of swimming, while establishing Team YES! as an elite swimming team. As a part of our team’s sponsorship agreement, along with Arena U.S.A, we will be designing new team suits, warm up jackets and team bags with the Team YES! logo. Each of these items will become required equipment for every competitive member of our team.

The coaching staff recognizes that providing these new items to our swimmers and families does create an additional expense for all of you. However, in order to best “develop swimmers who will work together,” we feel that creating an atmosphere of unity, cohesion and togetherness is important. From the youngest to the oldest swimmers on our team, walking onto the pool deck, whether at a meet or at practice, seeing swimmers, apparel and gear that is all the same creates that feeling of being a part of something larger. It creates the feelings of togetherness and unity that we would like to achieve with our team.

Although our sponsorship agreement with Arena USA has already taken effect, we are not asking for you to purchase ALL of these new items immediately. Swimmers will be highly encouraged to obtain new team items, i.e. Arena warm-ups and swim bags, as soon as possible, but definitely within 2 years. New Arena team suits will be required by the beginning of September 2017 during the fall/winter registration period.

In addition to our Arena sponsorship, Team YES! Aquatics of Houston is in the process of creating a new convenient online store through our vendor partner, D&J Sports. Our Arena sponsorship affords us an opportunity to receive special discounts and promotions on all Arena products and Team Yes! gear hosted both online and in-store at D&J Sports.

Our new online team store through D&J Sports will offer our swimmers the opportunity to purchase Arena products for each swim group that they are in (ie. goggles, caps, kickboards, snorkles, etc.), competitive team suits and gear, tech suits, practice suits and promotional team swag (ie. tshirts, ball caps, etc.) for parents and kids alike! The online store will be accessable directly through our team website at We are slated to go live in the coming weeks and will make an announcement as we get closer. During the interim, we encourage all parents to visit D&J Sports store on Spring Cypress for their swim gear needs.

The Team YES! Aquatics of Houston coaching staff is excited about this new partnership and the opportunities it will afford our team and swimmers and we hope that you will be as excited as we are. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with any of the following:

Coach Dennis
Head Coach

Jerry Doyle
Board President

Thanks! Team YES! Aquatics of Houston