Frequently Asked Questions by new families

Do I have to start during the summer?

No, we recommend families take a break after summer league
and begin when the new season begins in August. Families may join anytime
during the year.

Do swimmer/s practice every day?

No, we try to offer practices as many days as possible during
the week, but families choose the number of days per week their swimmer/s would
like to practice. The more they practice the more they will improve. Families
also pick what days they would like to swim if that group is offered. 

Swimmers may practice up to 6 times a week for 60-90 minutes per practice. The specific group will determine the monthly fee. 

Where are practices?

Currently team practices at Senterra Lakes (19619 Senterra
Lakes Blvd. Spring, Tx 77379).

We also have an indoor option. 

Are practices at Senterra during the winter?

Yes, the pool is outdoors but it is heated during the winter.

Is there an indoor option?

Not at this time, we are looking at a few options but it
will all depend on the number of swimmers on the team.

What is the registration fee?

The team offers two different registration groups.
Non-competitive swimmers will not be participating in meets during the season.
Competitive swimmers plan to participate in meets. To find out more about registration
fees click HERE.

Swimmers may change from non-competitive to competitive anytime
during the season.

What is the monthly fee?

The fee depends on the number of practices and the duration of
each practice chosen. Swimmers may change groups anytime during the season.

To find out more about the fee click HERE.

Can I take a break during the season?

Yes, swimmers may take a break anytime. Notify the team by the 20th
before the month their break will begin. There is a reactivation fee when
swimmers begin practice again.

Are meets mandatory?

No, families will choose to attend meet once information is sent

Do I have to pay for meets?

Yes, families are responsible for paying meet fees to United
Swim Aquatics.

Is there a volunteer fee/deposit?

No, the team doesn’t collect a volunteer check but if a family
is attending a meet and the team is asked to provide timers, all families attending the meet will be given a shift.

Do I pay when I register?

No, registration collects information and payment can be
submitted anytime before the first practice.

When is the deadline to turn in monthly dues?

The deadline to turn in dues is the 1st of every

How do I pay?

Currently, the team takes cash, checks, Venmo, Google Pay, and Zelle

What equipment is required? 

Every swimmer is asked to bring their own kickboard, paddles, and fins to practice every day.