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The Hillsboro Swim Team is a USA Swimming club that provides year-round, competitive swimming for the youth in the surrounding communities. The HEAT promotes long-term athlete development as well as the growth of character and sportsmanship. Swimmers are given opportunities to challenge themselves, strive for personal and team achievements, and build skills to last a lifetime.


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Keep your gear dry at practice on rainy days!

Hello HEAT, As we move farther into fall and towards winter, we wanted to mention a couple of ideas for keeping swimmers' gear dry...

By HEAT Team Admin

HEAT's Daily COVID Health Screening

Hello HEAT, Here is a link and some visual guidance on where to find the health screening on our website. Please be sure to...

By HEAT Team Admin

Devy 1 Dryland, Monday 8/31

Greetings, Devy 1 Swimmers and Families! Monday's dryland is as follows: 6:00 jog (3:00 light, 2:00 moderate, 1:00 FAST) 25-yard bear crawl 25-yard crab...

By Kevin Cleary

[VIDEO] Mountain Climbers

Greetings, HEAT Swimmers and Families! Here is a link to my latest video. It's a fairly short one (at least, compared to some of...

By Kevin Cleary

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