Mentor Coach Consultant Visit

James Resare
Apr 17, 2019

SAVE the Dates....

Ed Spencer, a Mentor Coach Consultant with USA swimming, has confirmed the dates he will be on deck with our program.... He will be here to observe and talk with each of our practice squads from Monday, May 20th through Wednesday, May 22nd.  Here is a breif description from Coach Spencer himself about his visit with us:

Hi James. As you know by now, you have been selected as one of 35 clubs (out of approximately 2900+ clubs) to have a Mentor Coach Consultant (previously called Master Coach Consultant) visit in 2019. I am Ed Spencer, one of the two Mentor Coach Consultants and I will be coming to visit you. My background includes Head Coaching positions at Industry Hills (1983-1991), Reno (1991-1998) and Dynamo (1998-2004). I spent over 40 years as a professional coach and feel those years and the 320+ clubs I have visited over the last 14 years have prepared me to answer a lot of questions or put you in touch with the right people to answer anything I can't. This is a win/win for you and your team. This is not a critiquing/evaluating visit. It is to give you an opportunity to ask all the questions you may have, have me watch workouts and work with you, your coaching staff and swimmers. Anything that you feel would be constructive for your team.

I would like to be there for three days to watch whatever you want me to watch, to work with whoever you want me to work with and spend as much time with you on a one on one as you want. I've visited over 320 teams and have done different things at each, based on what the head coach would like to improve upon. A few things I'm trying to do on a consistent basis are: A) A sit down, semi-social meeting with entire coaching staff to ask and answer questions. This also gives us a good time meet each other informally and arrange my schedule of group talks with you and your coaches. B) A 25-30 minute talk with each training group, emphasizing: 1) “You are part of a great Swim Team” 2) “Your coaches are extremely important in your development as a swimmer” + “What we’ve learned from the Olympians” 3) Streamlining and underwater” 4) “Technique, meet preparation and warm-up/warm-down”.  5) “Be the best teammate possible,

When we started this program back in 2005, Jon Urbanchek, Bob Steele, Richard Quick and I had no idea how much great information we were going to be exposed to during these visits. I think one of the great things about this program is the sharing of information that we make possible. Part of what I want when I'm on your visit is to see what you are doing that I can share with other programs and what I can leave with you and your staff to think about. I hope this helps give you an idea of what I want to accomplish during the visit. I will be available to interact with you and your staff, but I don’t want to monopolize your time. I respect your time and your talent and abilities to coach so I’m not coming to change anything, just give and get ideas along with those group talks.

~Ed Spencer 

As his visit gets closer I will be sure to let everyone know the exact dates for the talks with each squad but TENTATIVELY we will have Ed meet with the Sparks, Novice, Develpomental 1, and AG 1 Squads on Monday; Developmental 2, AG 2-3, Senior 1-2 on Tuesday, and Senior 3-4 on Wednesday.  This is a great opportunity for our program and all of our athletes.  MORE INFO to come.

~Coach James