11&Over State Championships Meet Recap

Gary Roberson

This past weekend, 35 members of the Hillsboro HEAT Swim Team headed out to Pendleton, OR to compete in the 11&Over Oregon Swimming State Championships. It was an incredibly fun, exciting and successful swim meet overall with our team scoring a 3rd place overall team finish! Big congrats to all that competed and helped to make the meet a great success.


For everyone - whether you were competing at the meet or not - you should feel very proud of your team and excited to see what our athletes are accomplishing. Continue to strive for success by taking steps every day towards your goals and let these results motivate you. 


This year, I thought it would be fun to break down the meet by the numbers. It was fun to look through all of the results and it certainly helped to put the team accomplishments into perspective!


11&O State Championships By The Numbers


1,060.50 Points Scored By The HEAT. In my 6 years with the HEAT I don’t believe I have ever seen a team score over 1,000. To put it in perspective, the max points an individual can score in a single race is 11 and the max for a relay is 22. That means we had not just individuals placing and scoring high, but also that we had many, many swimmers contributing to our overall team point total.


107 Individual Scoring Swims. This is a HUGE number! We had 107 swims in finals that scored points for the team. That averages out to about .75 swimmers per final with the most swimmers we had in any one final being 4.


29 Swimmers Scoring Points. A big majority of our swimmers competed not just in the preliminary heats, but made it back to be scoring points in finals swims at night.


25 Scoring Relays. 25 separate relays scored points. Relays count for double points compared to individual races so this led to a lot of points for the overall team competition!


17 Individual State Titles. In total, the HEAT won 17 of the events competed in at the State Championships.


7 State Champions. 7 athletes won at least one individual state title with a few taking home multiple state titles. Those 7 athletes were Luke Eskola, Sydney McDonald, Sasha Kellerman, Henry McKnight, Trask Kurtz, Ethan Sommers and Nico Lee.


3 Team Records Set. The 11-12 year old boys achieved new team records on 3 of their 4 relay swims. The team set new records in the 200 free relay, the 400 free relay and the 200 medley relay.


2 High Point Award Winners. Henry McKnight and Sydney McDonald both scored more points than anyone else in their age group. Henry had the highest point total for all 11 year old boys at the meet and Sydney the highest for all 13 year girls in attendance!


1 great meet! Congratulations to all of the swimmers and thank you to all of the parents and volunteers that made this meet a success both in and out of the pool!