Upcoming Practice Changes for PS1, PS2, Sr1 and Sr2

Gary Roberson


We have some upcoming practice changes for the end of this week that affect the PS1, PS2, Sr1 and Sr2 squads. Those changes are as follows:

Thursday, Dec 2nd
PS1/2 + Sr1/2: 4:45-7pm (4:45-6:15 swim, 6:15-7:00 dryland)

Friday, Dec 3rd
PS1/2 + Sr1/2 - 4-6:30pm (4-6 swim, 6-6:30 dryland)

Saturday, Dec 4th
PS1/2 + Sr1/2 - 8:15-10:45am (8:15-9 dryland, 9:00-10:45 swim)

Monday, Dec 6
Non-CAT Sr2 - Practice with PS2 (4:45-6:15 swim, 6:15-7pm dryland)
Sr2 CAT Swimmers - No Practice
PS2 CAT Swimmers - Recovery at normal time

Check with your swimmer’s primary coach if you have any questions.


~HEAT Coaches