Dryland Spring Cleaning - Volunteer Opportunities

HEAT Team Admin

Hello Parents,

As you may have noticed, after a season of hard work by our swimmers, the dryland room is in need of a good deep cleaning and mild facelift. 
Volunteer hours are available for any parents interested in helping out with cleaning, organizing, and painting the dryland room over Spring Break.
We're anticipating working:
Friday, March 31: 10-4
Saturday, April 1: 10-4 (as needed)
If you are interested in helping, please use the Job Signup to let us know which hours/days you plan to be there.
Additionally, we are looking for a volunteer or two who can help maintain the dryland room during the season. This would mainly involve taking out the trash/recyling each week and washing an occasional load of dirty towels.
Another volunteer opportunity would be managing the Lost & Found.  This would involve collecting items that have been left on deck or in the dryland room, keeping the closet rack sorted so people can see what is available, and donating unclaimed items on a quarterly basis.
If you are interested in learning more about any of these service-hour opportunities, please let us know. 
Wendy McKnight