Year-round Registration 2018-19

Open for Returning Members

9/10/18 - 3/3/19

Open for New Members

9/10/18 - 3/3/19


Welcome to the Hillsboro Swim Team Online Registration platform! The process is simple for returning members and for new members who have already tried out and been assigned to a squad.  (If you have not yet tried out, please see our How to Join page!)


The swim year runs from September 1 - August 31.  Every swimmer on the team must go through the registration process once each swim year. 

Registration includes: 

  1. online registration
  2. payment of fees and dues
  3. submitting required forms to your coach or the team admin (see below)

To proceed with the Online Registration, click the Continue button at the bottom of this page, and then you will be taken through the following steps:
1. Enter/update/confirm account information.
2.  Select returning members and/or add new members.  Confirm birthdate is correct for returning members.  Enter birthdate carefully for new members.
3.  Select your swimmer's Registration Group / Squad and complete the USA Swimming information.  (You should have received your swimmer's squad assignment prior to beginning registration.)
4.  After reading waivers and agreements, check boxes to sign.
5.  View invoice for: 
  • 1st month's dues (Monthly dues are not prorated.)
  • 1st month's Pool Use Fee (if applicable)
  • Year-round HEAT Registration Fee 
  • Year-round USA Swimming Membership Fee
  • Hospitality Fee
6.  If desired, add $10.00 optional fee to upgrade your black latex swim cap to a blue silicone swim cap.  (Caps can be purchased throughout the season: latex $5 and silicone $15.) 
7.  Payment Method:  Credit Card OR check.   Any prior outstanding balances will be included in the total.  Proceed to Checkout.
8.  Complete payment information and submit registration.
9.  Once your registration has been approved, if you're a new member you'll receive an email from the team telling you how to sign in to the website.
10.  To complete your registration, the following forms must be submitted.  They will be emailed once your registration has been approved.
  • Registration/Medical Forms (2 pages)
  • Review concussion information
  • Code of Conduct Form (1 page)
  • Volunteer Survey (1 page)
  • Travel Forms (for swimmers 11 and over)

Please submit your forms via one of the following methods:

  • scanning and emailing: (preferred method)
  • printing and bringing to first practice

Thank you!  We look forward to having you join the Hillsboro Swim Team and are excited for another great season!
To begin, click the Continue or Check Status button under this message.