2021 HEAT Fundraiser
MAY 17
Time: 12:00 AM
EIN: 93-0936464
Elaine Heasley Email
Please join us for our 2021 Fundraiser! Due to the continued pandemic conditions, our typical annual fundraising event must look different again this year. Fundraising is a critical element to the success of our team. As a non-profit organization, the monthly dues our members pay are only part of the money required to cover all the operational costs our team sees each year. This year we've carried the added expense of a second pool location, in order to provide training time for all squads. This has forced us to dip into our reserves for many months, even while other costs have been kept to a minimum. In order to replenish our funds and keep monthly dues stable, this fundraiser is crucial as the team grows and moves into the future.

Donating to our team will help support our committed coaching staff and team operations, and enable the HEAT to continue supplying the youth in our community with a healthy, safe activity that pays dividends for life. If available, please consider maximizing your donation through a corporate match. Thank you for your participation and support!