Aloha Aquatics is a community based nonprofit swim club operating under the rules and guidance of Hawaii Age Group Local Swim Committee and USA Swimming.

MISSION: To develop competitive swimmers by instilling self-confidence, discipline and life skills through positive coaching, mentorship and establishment of a fun, caring, and challenging environment.

Our program offers an excellent competitive athletic experience for swimmers of all ages and levels. Our swimmers develop and improve their skills, increase their aerobic conditioning, and gain self confidence and team spirit. Our goal is to support each swimmer to reach their full potential as an athlete and to create life long swimmers who love all aspects of swimming.

Practices are held at Recreation #6 in Mililani and at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Central Oahu Regional Park (VMAC/CORP) in Waipio Gentry.


For training purposes, swimmers are divided into four groups:


Beginning swimmers who have completed a learn to swim program or who can demonstrate basic swimming ability but are new to competitive swimming. Their focus is on developing basic stroke technique and conditioning. Their goal is to gain the skills necessary to begin competing in meets. This group also includes a
dvanced beginner swimmers who are building endurance and improving technique in all four strokes. They regularly compete at the A, B and C level.


Strong intermediate swimmers who are building endurance and improving technique in all four strokes, starts, and turns. Dryland training is introduced. They regularly compete at the A, B and C level. 


Competitive swimmers who continue to increase their aerobic base and conditioning, refine their skills, and focus on race strategy. Their goal is to compete in invitational meets. 


Advanced swimmers who are committed to competing at an elite level, can handle the rigors of demanding aerobic workouts, and continue to perfect their technique and race strategy. Their goal is to compete at the state level and beyond. 

The coaches use reoccurring swim practices as the primary tool to prepare swimmers for athletic competition. The Board and parents provide logistical and moral support to swim practices and swim competitions, and encourage swimmers to stay active in Aloha Aquatics’ program by hosting recreational activities, running incentive programs, holding fundraisers, scheduling travel to off-island meets, and organizing the annual awards banquet.