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Welcome to the Academy Swim Club TeamSite. We are located in Waimea (Big Island), Hawaii. 


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Academy Swim Club is a fun, rewarding, and well-recognized competitive swim training program for boys and girls ages 7 and up. The vision of our coaching staff is to provide a program that builds confidence in our young athletes so that they are armed with tools to help them in all aspects of life and to do so while following the USA SWIMMING SafeSport standards. We believe in providing a safe and supportive environment while protecting the child as they develop.

Our mission is to provide swimmers the necessary training to improve their swimming skills and race training but also opportunities to enhance their character, grit, perseverance, kindness, ability to thrive in adversity, and being a supportive teammate and friend. Outstanding Swimmers - Exceptional People.


  • Bronze - Swimmers who have completed the requirements from our Course 103 from summer swim lessons are ready. Some swimmers who have completed Course 102 may be ready as well. Swimmers will learn the skills (starts, turns, strokes) necessary to compete in all four strokes in our on-island meets. The intention of this group is to learn to compete when the coaches feel they are ready.
  • Silver - Swimmers who complete the exit requirements of our Bronze group and are age-appropriate ready, will move into the Silver Group. Here they will continue to develop their racing skills and compete in a larger variety of events. The typical age range of this group is 12/under.
  • Gold - This group is for the advanced 11-15-year-old swimmers. They will continue to develop skills in an even larger array of events to prepare for on-island meets, outer island meets, and competitions on the mainland.
  • Senior - This is our most advanced group of competitors who are developing a higher level of skills necessary for the highest levels of competition in the state and the regional, sectional to national levels on the mainland.


Our staff consists of USA Swimming and ASCA Certified members, Robyn Scarth, Jane Quayle, Kerry Kamisato, Barbara Kopra, Jacqueline Mylorie, and Mark Noetzel to help our swimmers reach their goals.


USA Swimming Inc. (USA-S), is the National Governing Body for amateur competitive swimming the United States. As a USA-S member club USA Swimming, programs, and competitions are designed to protect the swimmer, proved fair and equitable conditions for competition, and promote uniformity in the sport so no swimmer shall obtain an unfair advantage over another. Academy Swim Club is a USA-S recognized SafeSport program.



ASC is a member of Hawaiian Swimming Inc. the local swimming committee (LSC) for USA-S. We are a part of the system that provides opportunities to advance to the highest level of competition. As a club, we steadily increased the number of swimmers who’ve reached the A-AA (Hawaii Jr. Champs and Invitational), State Championship (AAA), USA-S Western Zone, USA-S Speedo Senior Sectional, USA Futures, and USA Jr. National competitions.



Our team competes locally on island in competitions that are mainly sponsored by Big Island Swimming (BIS). Swim meets, offer new and seasoned competitors opportunities to develop their skills. Family members need to support competitions by being officials, timers, setting up or taking down competition sites. To best assist BIS, please be sure to take your parent SafeSport course.

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