ASC Fall Registration 2013 is OPEN

 Welcome to the Academy Swim Club - Hawaii Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration.


New or Returning Members: The process is simple for both new and returning members.

·      Returning Members – Welcome Back! Be sure to use your existing account when registering. Membership for the Fall 2013 season is not complete until the  “Expectations and Agreement” form is turned in.


·      New Members: Welcome! You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more. Membership for the Fall 2013 season is not complete until the  “Expectations and Agreement” form is turned in.

We look forward to having you join the Academy Swim Club - Hawaii and are excited for another great season!

What group should my child be with on the team?

We have a layered approach to our groups and they are based upon the ability level (technique) of each swimmer. We also consider the age, maturity level and speed.


Here are the 5 groups:

1.    Swim Academy  4 weeks long (8 sessions) starting Aug 26th.

a.    Session 1: Aug 26-Sept 19

b.    Session 2: Sept 23-Oct 17

c.     Session 3: Oct 28th – Nov 21.

Coaches:Sarie, Jan

When: Monday/Wednesday 4:30-5 OR Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-5:00. Coaches coordinate with parents to assign days.

Who is this group for:This group has a maximum of four participants per coach (4:1). The lessons are intended to prepare swimmers for Novice group practice. Swimmers must be water-safe in order to participate in Swim Academy sessions.

Requirements to advance to next level (Novice Group): Swimmers must be able to swim 15 yards of freestyle and backstroke with proper form and have a coach’s recommendation.

Fee: $120/session (Checks Payable to: HPA)


2.    Novice Group (August 26th – December 5th)

When: Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-6:00

Who is this group for:Swimmers ages 5/over will work on Freestyle, Backstroke, and dolphin (butterfly) kick to improve efficiency and endurance. Swimmers will strive to consistently streamline off walls, and master shallow sitting and knee dives.

Requirements to advance to the next level: Swimmers will consistently do the following with proper technique,50 yards of freestyle and backstroke, streamline proficiency off all walls and swimmers can perform divesand be able to somersault in water. Coaches will make recommendation for advancement to Team Red.

Fee: $235. Checks payable to: HPA.

3.    Team RedIntroduction to competitive swimming (August 26th – December 5th)

When:Monday and Wednesday 5:15-6:00

Who is this group for:Swimmers ages 6/over will continue to work on freestyle and backstroke efficiency and endurance. Swimmers will learn breaststroke, butterfly, all competitive turns and starts.

               Fee: $235. Checks payable to: HPA.

Academy Swim Club - Competitive Teams (below)

All competitive (Team White/Team Blue) swimmers must possess current USA Swimming/Hawaiian Registered.

Forms are available through the ASC coaches or

Focus points for competitive swimmers include:

·      Sportsmanship, work ethic, confidence in oneself, and team.

·      Skill development in all four competitive strokes

·      Skill development in competitive starts and turns

·      Competition skills

·      Swimming in meets

·      Fun!

4.    Team White (August 19th – December 12th)

        When:M, T, W, Th – 4:45-6pm (15 min stretching/strength training)

Who is this group for: Swimmers need all of the skills from Team Red and a coaches recommendation. Workouts are designed for swimmers, who want to improve their swimming technique and competition skills. Workouts range from 1,500 to 3,000 yards/session.

Fee: 2 practices/wk: $335, 3 or more practices/wk: $410. Checks are payable to: HPA.

5.    Team Blue (August 19th – December 19th)

When:M, T, W, Th – 3:45-5:15

Who is this group for: Swimmer must have advanced skills required of Team White, AA times or faster in the 11/12 age-group and a coaches recommendation. Workouts are designed for experienced swimmers who demonstrate a strong work ethic with the desire to increase their technique, endurance while improving their stroke technique. Stretching and strength training exercises (3:45-4pm) are followed by workouts ranging from 2,500 to 4,000 yards.  Blue Swimmers at HPA Upper School – your registration group will be “Blue Team – HPA High School.

Fee: 2 practices/wk $385, 3 or more practices/wk $460. Blue Swimmers at HPA Upper School. $150. Checks are payable to: HPA



When do we start? 

New Swimmers to ASC: If you are NEW to ASC please bring your child to ONE of our assessment sessions. Monday 8/19/13 or Tuesday 8/20/13 between 5 and 6pm for the coaches can assess the ability level of your child and determine the correct group.


·      Team White and Team Blue will start practices on Monday, August 19th.

·      Swimmers on Team Red, Novice Team or Swim Academy: Monday, August 26th.


Other Important Dates

August 29th – Parent Information Night – 5:45-6:15pm on the pool deck.

September 2nd, Labor Day – No Practice – All groups.

September 12th, Picture Day for Novice, Red, White, Blue 4:45pm

October 30th – Red-White- Blue (and Orange) Mini Meet 4-6pm.

October 31st, No Practices for Swim Academy, Novice, Team Red, Team White.

November 27th, 28th, No Practice –Thanksgiving

December 5th, End of Season Pot-Luck – Swim Academy, Novice, Red, White, Blue (445-6pm).


ASC is a member of USA Swimming & Hawaiian Swimming

 USA Swimming is the national governing body for competitive swimming in the United States. It is charged with selecting the United States Olympic Swimming team and any other teams which officially represent the United States, as well as the overall organization and operation of the sport within the country, in accordance with the Amateur Sports Act. Academy Swim Club is a registered member of USA Swimming (national), Hawaiian Swimming (state level), and Big Island Swimming (island-wide).


The ASC Coaching Staff

Mark Noetzel – Head Coach, (Certified USA Swimming & ASCA Level IV)

Barbara Kopra – Team White (Certified USA Swimming)

Kim Martins - Team White (Certified USA Swimming)

Sarie Imonen  – Swim Academy, Novice, Team Read (Certified USA Swimming)

Lauren Rutland - Team Red, Novice Group


USA/Hawaiian/Big Island Swimming Competitions:

IMPORTANT INFO FOR NEW COMPETITIORS: In order to compete in USA/Hawaiian Swimming Meets, athletes must submit USA Swimming Forms to the Hawaiian Registrar 21 days prior to the date of the meet to Mark. Payments ($64 to HPA) must be made at that time. ASC will issue a check to Hawaiian Swimming as they do not accept personal checks. Forms can be found on the  site.

9/21 - HPA - "A events" Format

10/19 - HAQ "B events" Format

11/9 - PHIN at KCAC "A events" Format

11/23 - WAC at Nae'ole "B events Format

12/7-8  KONA at KCAC "A & B events" Format

12/19-22 State meet at Kona Community Aquatic Center


FAMILY DISCOUNT: A 10% discount for families with more than one registered swimmer is available.

Check with Coach Noetzel about installment payment options.