DMC II FINS for Academy Swim Club Members

March 5, 2019


Families - We have an opportunity to order these soft rubber swim fins at a greatly reduced price. The fin is ideal for many swimmers because it is a very soft rubber and bends considerably more easily than the Arena,  TYR or Hydro models. For some swimmers (myself included) they can kick better with these and engage the hip muscles to develop more leg strength. Note: some swimmers do prefer and excel with a stiffer fin (Arena, TYR or Hydro).


Should you wish to get a pair for your swimmer, we have samples for swimmers to try on in the office. A clipboard is there so that a coach can write down the swimmer’s name, color (Green or Indigo), and size.  


The cost will be $50, which is far less than the normal price of $85.  It can be charged to your ASC account or you can pay with a check or cash.


I’d like to order by Monday, March 11, 2019. We will place orders often so if you don’t get in on the first order, just reach out to your swimmer’s coach and inquire about when the next order will be placed.


All the best,

Coach Mark