Pro Tip: How To Power Up Your Self Talk This Season

Mark Noetzel

September 11th, 2019Olivier LeroyTraining

You know what I love talking about?


All kinds.

The external kind. The motivational kind. The instructional kind, too.

One might say that muttering to one’s self is something I am passionate about. Because I know first-hand how hilariously critical it is to slicing through the water like a nuclear-powered submarine.

Fundamentally, self-talk dictates your actions:

  • If your self-talk reminds you to keep pushing, to not give up, well, it’s pretty easy to guess what is going to happen.
  • And if your self-talk is full of stuff like, I can’t do this set, well, that’s basically a money-back guarantee that you are super not going to do this set.

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