ASC October 4-10, 2020

Mark Noetzel

Swim Families -

On behalf of the coaching staff, thank you for allowing us to continue to work with your swimmer(s). We've got a great group of motivated athletes and combined with inspired coaches, we're on the right path.

This week's schedule:

  • Bronze - M, Th, 5:30-6:15
  • Silver - M,Th, 5:30-6:30, Friday 4:30-6:30* Sat 9:45 -11am
  • Gold - T, W, 5:30-6:30 F 4:30-6:30*, Sat, 8:30-9:30
  • Senior - M, T,W,Th 4:15-5:15, F 4:30-6:30*, Saturday 6:30-8:15
  • * Silver, Gold, and Senior are expected to participate in our ASC Intrasquad #2 meet. Please visit the team events page to sign up for your athlete with a Yes or No. Again, we would like all swimmers to participate from the Silver, Gold, and Senior Groups. The coaches will pick the events. WE MAY NEED ASSISTANCE WITH A PARENT VOLUNTEER TO BE A "DECK MARSHALL" FOR EACH GROUP SO THAT THE COACHES CAN COACH THE KIDS SWIMMING. Email me, Coach Mark, at [email protected] if you're interested. 


  • Athletes need to wear a mask from the point that they exit their vehicle until they arrive on the pool deck for their thermal read and symptom check. On the outbound from the pool, they need to have their mask on as they exit the deck until they are at their vehicle.
  • Parents are not allowed out of vehicles unless they are headed to walk on the track or walking a dog on the polo field. 
  • Thanks for helping us make this work.