ASC - This week (SPRING BREAK) March 14-20, 2021

Mark Noetzel

Hey everyone,

Spring Break Schedule (March 14-20)

  • Bronze Group - Monday, Thursday, 5:30-6:15 pm. Coaches Barb, and Robyn.
  • Interim Group  Tuesday, Wednesday, 5:30-6:15 pm. Coach Barb
  • Silver Group Monday, Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 pm,  Coaches Barbara, Kerry, Harry, and Carrie. 
  • Gold Group, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 5:30 - 6:30 pm, Coaches Harry and Kerry.  
  • Senior Group Monday thru Friday, 8-10 am. 

ASC - BIS Swimming Meet - March 13, 2021 - COMPETITION RETURNS - We pulled it off!

Congratulations to our swimmers who competed in the meet. It was the first meet in over one-year. We had 54 swimmers representing ASC and A LOT OF BEST TIMES WERE PERFORMED! But, MOST IMPORTANT - it was great to be able to see everyone competing and trying to better themselves.  All told, five of the six teams on-island competed (HAQ, WAC, PHIN, KONA, & ASC) with 158 athletes. The four sessions offered had less than 50 athletes total in each group. Results will be shared when we receive them from the BIS office. Thanks to the coaches (Harry, Barbara, Kerry, and Robyn) for helping with the management of the meet (set up, sanitizing, take down). It was a 10 hour day for many of the coaches.

THE NEXT MEET IS SLATED FOR... April 24, 2021. Most likely at HPA/ASC. The only county pool that is safe to compete in is the Pahoa facility, but it will depend on whether or not the county allows competitions.


All Day:  Ignacio Soler on the Timing Console / Melissa Schad as Stroke/Turn & Starter

Session I & II West:  Nani Barretto as Stroke & Turn
Session I West: Laura Robertson as Starter
Session I East:  Coach Robyn Scarth as Stroke & Turn
Session I West: Fabio Franzo, Graham Haines, Melanie Aiona & Tara Chicoine
Session II West:  Aaron Peck, Doug McDowell, Paige Brattin & Tiffany Freitas
Session I East:  Dave Schad, Dereck Driggs, Jenny Chartier, & Yee Lee
Session II East:  Aaron Pugh, Ranya Williams, Starla Pugh, & Tammy Singh

Arizona Spring Sectionals, March 18-21, 2021

Senior Group swimmer Tavner Wisdom will compete this week at the USA Senior Sectionals in Phoenix, AZ. Good luck to Tavner!

Academy Swim Club Code of Conduct/SAFE SPORT

As it has been a while for many of you since you registered your swimmer for the program, please take the time to review the ASC Code of Conduct/Honor policy HERE.  Here are some other opportunities for SAFE SPORT training for Parents and Athletes.

COVID-19 Academy Swim Club Travel Policy 

  • Click HERE to view our policy for athletes traveling off-island or households with members who have traveled from off-island.

Team Equipment with TYR

PARKAS and or BACKPACK  (See Photo)

  • PARKAS - You will be able to order a team parka with the ASC logo on the back and front left, swimmer's name on the front right. The price is $112.49, all embroidery included. 
  • TEAM BACKPACK - $62.99 with team logo and name.
  • Let me know if there are any questions [email protected]


  • ASC has entered an agreement with TYR whereas all new purchases of suits and equipment are through TYR. In exchange, ASC has this 25% discount code Academy25 to be used on TYR will be able to track ASC purchases and when we hit benchmarks in sales, will result in additional bonuses for the team. Independent of purchases, ASC will receive some coaching attire, new banners and for those swimmers who make Senior Sectionals, Futures, Jr' Nationals, or USA Senior Nationals, they will be outfitted by TYR.
  • Girl's Suit: Please purchase the PHOENIX WOMEN'S SPLICE DIAMOND FIT in navy/white or GIRLS smaller sizes in navy/white.
  • Boy's Suit: Please purchase the MEN'S PHOENIX JAMMER TYR BOYS PHOENIX JAMMER or the TYR BOYS PHOENIX RACER in navy/white.
  • Goggles - Your choices but recommended are three different styles for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of competition and training. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECOMMENDATIONS. All TYR Goggles are available to view here. 
  • Note:  12/under swimmers are not permitted to wear technical suits (taped seems) I do not want 13 and over swimmers racing in them (tech suits) until there are championship or off-island meets available. These suits will be great for team pride and performance in practice and non-championship meets. We are going with the Navy/White colors for our suits and we will be offering a group order at the beginning of each month. If your swimmer is not in need of one now, we ask that when they do need one, you buy our team suit on the TYR site, if possible.

All for now,

Stay safe!

Coach Mark