ASC This Week June 20-26, 2021

Mark Noetzel

June 21, 2021


ASC Families,


Congratulations to the swimmers who represented ASC at the meet this past weekend.

Madi, Zoie, Mia, Hani, Alara,Sopia, and Olivia, (7)

Kouske, AJ, Beaudin, Alex H., Alex L., Braeden, Darwin, Kaiea, Coleson, and Kekai (10)

Thank you to Mellisa Schad and Laura Robertson who shared starting and refereeing responsibilities, Ignacio Soler for running the timing console, and to our timers, Maki Soler, Melanie Aiona, and Graham Haines.


RESULTS = 15 New (Improved) HAWAIIAN Times Standards

3 AAA (state championship), 5 AA (state jr. championship), 5 A and 2 B Times


Olivia - A/100 Fly

AJ - A/100 Breast, AA/200 IM

Kouske - Q/100 Fly, Q/200 IM


Beaudin - AA/50 Fr

Mia - AA/200 Br


Alex H - Q/50 Br, AA/200 Br

Alex L - A/50 Br

Hani - A/100 Fr, A/100 Back

Madi - AA/200 Fr


Braeden - B/100 Fr, B/25Fly


NEXT COMPETITIONS: JULY 10, AUGUST 28 (Special Pentathlon Meet)

This week at practice-


Mon 6/21

Tue 6/22

Wed 6/23

Thu 6/24

Fri 6/25

Sat 6/26

June 21-26


4-445 MARK


4-445 MARK


Silver I

4/5- Harry





Silver II

CARRIE 4-5pm

4/5 Jacqueline

4-5 Jacqueline

CARRIE 4-5pm



5-6:30 HARRY

5-6:30 HARRY

5-6:30 HARRY

5-6:30 HARRY * Last Day



730-930 AM

730-930 AM

730-930 AM

730-930 AM

730-930 AM



What’s up in July? 

Lead coaches, Barbara and Kerry will offer swimmers some unique training from 4-5pm, M-TH, beginning on July 6, thru July 29. Sign up here on our team website.


When do we restart in August? See the flier below, and … Always in an Olympic year there will be a large number of new swimmers interested in joining. Especially this year, with the HPA Swim Academy at full capacity, there’s a lot of interest in joining the ASC program. Be sure to get your registration in once it opens up for returning members. The new season will be like pre-covid, whereas you sign up for a season (August - February). The state championships will be in November (Hawaiian Sr. Championship), with the Hawaiian AA and AAA in March, 2022.

REMINDERS - Campus Updates: 

ACCESS TO HPA’s CAMPUS after Travel Off-Island for ASC Swimmers

  • Guests who are vaccinated* are eligible to enter campus immediately after travel, so long as they: 

  1. Participate in the Safe Travels Hawaiʻi program;

    1. Have no symptoms of illness

*HPA reserves the right to ask for a copy of your guest’s vaccination card. Without proof of vaccination, the guest may be subject to mandatory quarantine. 


  • Guests who are not vaccinated are eligible to enter campus following travel, so long as they:

  • Participate in the Safe Travels Hawaiʻi program;

    • Quarantine away from campus for five days upon arrival to Hawaiʻi Island. Please keep in mind, the day they arrive is day zero, not day one;

    • Provide proof of a negative nasopharyngeal COVID-19 PCR test (Vault, S&G, or Waimea Urgent Care) on or after day five by emailing test results to [email protected]

    • Have no symptoms of illness; OR

  • Participate in the Safe Travels Hawaiʻi program;

    • Quarantine away from campus for 10 days upon arrival to Hawaiʻi Island. Please keep in mind, the day they arrive is day zero, not day one;

    • Have no symptoms of illness


  • MASKS - Masks no longer need to be worn when outdoors on the HPA campus.

  • POOL ENTRY     - Swimmers should enter the pool through the big steel gate. We no longer will use the entry along the rock wall.

  • RESTROOM - Swimmers may use the restroom at the concession stand. Masks will need to be worn in the restroom and also in the hallway from the pool.

  • THERMAL CHECK/SYMPTOM CHECK - Please assess your swimmer prior to sending them to the pool for symptoms and if needed, thermal check. We will not do thermal checks at the pool any longer. When in doubt if a swimmer is sick, please keep them home.

Please reach out to me, Coach Mark, if you have any questions about the above.


Parents - Please take this course and have your 12/over swimmer take theirs too. All coaches and officials are SafeSport certified.

Our website that hosts information for parents and swimmers  regarding SAFE SPORT can be found HERE. PARENTS - YOUR COURSE IS REQUIRED. PLEASE LOG ON AND TAKE THE COURSE. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR CERTIFICATE TO PROVE YOUR COMPLETION. ATHLETES 12/OVER WILL HAVE IT REQUIRED TOO. There are new drop down options for you to view on how we address and resolve issues surrounding swimmer safety.  Please look at the site and let me know if you have any questions. 

SWIMMING GEAR WITH TYR - USE OUR DISCOUNT CODE: “Academy25” The more this code is used, the more free gear ASC will earn in return.

  • ASC has entered an agreement with TYR whereas all new purchases of suits and equipment are through TYR. In exchange, ASC has this 25% discount code "Academy25" to be used on TYR will be able to track ASC purchases and when we hit benchmarks in sales, will result in additional bonuses for the team. Independent of purchases, ASC will receive some coaching attire, new banners and for those swimmers who make Senior Sectionals, Futures, Jr' Nationals, or USA Senior Nationals, they will be outfitted by TYR.

  • Girl's Suit: Please purchase the PHOENIX WOMEN'S SPLICE DIAMOND FIT in navy/white or GIRLS smaller sizes in navy/white.

  • Boy's Suit: Please purchase the MEN'S PHOENIX JAMMER TYR BOYS PHOENIX JAMMER or the TYR BOYS PHOENIX RACER in navy/white.

  • Goggles - Your choices but recommended are three different styles for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of competition and training. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECOMMENDATIONS. All TYR Goggles are available to view here. 

  • Note:  12/under swimmers are not permitted to wear technical suits (taped seems) I do not want 13 and over swimmers racing in them (tech suits) until there are championship or off-island meets available. These suits will be great for team pride and performance in practice and non-championship meets. We are going with the Navy/White colors for our suits and we will be offering a group order at the beginning of each month. If your swimmer is not in need of one now, we ask that when they do need one, you buy our team suit on the TYR site, if possible.

All for now,

Stay safe!

Coach Mark