Aulea Alumni Page


Who can join?
Anyone who previously swam for Aulea or a Parent of a former swimmer.
What is the cost?
Basic Membership is Free.  The goals of the Alumni Association are simple: to re-unite old friends, to meet new friends who will share a similar history, to recruit knowledgeable people to support Aulea when possible, and to help in future fundraising efforts.  In the future, we will be adding membership levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze) based on donation amounts.
If you would like to make a donation now, please make it payable to the Aulea Swim Club and remember, it is tax deductible.  Also, see "Team Updates", Aulea is now accepting donated cars, etc.
What do Alumni get?
A link to a special part of their past.  Once established and underway, Alumni will be invited to special Aulea Events.  Of course, you are already invited to stop by any day and visit.  Once the Membership levels are established, we will add gifts for donations.  Stay tuned!
Name - Maiden and Married if Applicable
E-Mail & Snail Mail Address, Phone
Years on Team
Favorite Events
Greatest Accomplishments in Swimming and any accomplishments since,
and what you do now.
If you live on Oahu, would you be willing to be involved with the team?
Please also include if you want us to keep your information private.
How many members are in the Alumni Association?
As you send in your information, please notify any other previous Aulea Members you may know.  We tried to figure out how many swimmers may have swam for Aulea since 1955 and it's at least 5 digits.
Hope to hear from you soon!
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