AULEA HANDBOOK (rev 08/27/22).

Aulea has updated it's Club HANDBOOK and suggests ALL Aulea parents and swimmers review it carefully. Among other things, the handbook includes:

  • Aulea's mission and vision
  • Description of swim groups
  • Training & swimmer Responsibilities
  • Aulea Code of Conduct
  • Travel Policy
  • Electronic Communication Policy
  • Policy Concerning Anti-Bullying
  • Policy Concerning Reporting of Misconduct
  • Organizational structure of the Club
  • Parent responsibilities including volunteer expectations
  • Swim meet processes, policies and best practices
  • Fee schedule and billing processes including rules for cancelation of membership

This version of the handbook was approved by the Board of Directors in August 2022. Policies contained in the handbook are subject to change, so please refer to the most recent version shown here.