Aulea Swim Club is the Pride of Oahu’s Windward Side and a USA Swimming Club. Aulea has 200+ swimmers and is among the top swim clubs in Hawaii.
Aulea Swim Club Mission Statement: The Hawaiian translation of “Aulea” means “swimming together harmoniously.” As a TEAM we develop champions in the pool and in life by creating a positive environment that inspires the dreams of swimmers at all competitive levels – beginners, Olympians and everyone in between. Aulea’s competitive approach is complemented by its fun, community-oriented environment.
Aulea Swim Club Vision Statement.The following is Aulea’s vision statement, its purpose and direction:
  • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • Competition: Aulea strives to be a premier swim club in Hawaii (consistently in the top three).
  • Champions: From beginner to Olympian, Aulea teaches the skills both mentally and physically to be a Champion. We emphasize individual progress and competition at the highest level.
  • Life Skills: Through the sport, Aulea develops life-long skills including commitment, hard work, goal setting, self-motivation, perseverance, time management and team loyalty.
  • Breadth: Aulea operates a wide-range of programs including swim school, age-group developmental, elite national-level and open water swimmers.
  • Fun: Aulea creates a community-oriented environment in which swimmers have fun and build lasting friendships.
  • Heritage: Aulea maintains strong Hawaiian values including aloha (love) and kuleana (responsibility).


Important Policies & Procedures: Please be sure to read the Aulea Handbook for important policies, procedures and information.

Groups/Coaches:  We have six swim groups: Bronze (our novice group), Silver, Gold, Junior, Senior and Senior Elite. Swimmers will be placed into the appropriate group based on their ability/age and moved up according to Aulea’s guidelines. Aulea is proud to have an outstanding staff of experienced coaches. To read bios on our coaches, please click the Coaches link on the home page.

Intro Group/Swim School: Aulea is proud to have an Intro Group for kids who are new to competitive swimming. Please see the Groups tab for more detailed information. The Intro group practices Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at Kokokahi YWCA.

Practices: The team practices at Kailua District Park in Kailua at 5:00-7:00pm, Monday through Friday. The practice times times and durations will vary by group (the Bronze group will end at 6:00, Senior group at 7:00). Please see the Groups tab for specific practice times and read the weekly update emails for any practice changes. 

Meets: Aulea is a competitive swim club and swimmers are strongly encouraged – or in many cases, expected - to swim in meets (the number and specific meets will depend on their times and swim group). Meet info can be found in the Events, Calendar or Standards & Meet Info link.

Volunteers: Practice, meets and special events/activities (which are critical to helping form friendships and bonds and keep kids interested in swimming) are not possible without parent volunteers. Aulea expects parents to volunteer in some way for at least 25 hours per year.

Visiting Swimmers: Swimmers who are members of USA Swimming and visiting Oahu for vacation or extended time are welcome to swim with our club. Please email [email protected] to make arrangements.

Aulea's Pool Location for practices and home meets:

Pool address:  32 S. Kainalu Drive, Kailua, HI  96734. The pool is located in Kailua District Park next to the tennis courts (near the library and police/fire station).