Aulea Swim Club is a parent-owned, parent-run swim club that relies on volunteerism to ensure success, as well as fulfill critical needs for day-to-day operations. Swimming is a year-round sport with activities for swimmers and families that require everyone's support.  We know that everyone is busy with work, school and extracurricular activities; joining in and helping out makes the Aulea experience more fun for everyone and leads to a better, more successful team!
Please refer to Aulea's Handbook (Team Info/Handbook) to learn more about Aulea's parent volunteer expectations and roles.
If you are unsure about how you can help or have any questions, please feel free to contact Aulea's Volunteer Coordinator, Diane Pizarro: [email protected]
2018-2019 Hot Chocolate Committee:

Please click here to sign up:
Chairperson Jill Ward (mom of Declan Beckette in the Gold group): [email protected]and Blair Morrison (Peyton’s mom).

Bringing/Returning Tents to Meets:
Please read this if you volunteer for this important role!  Tent Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer News, September 2017: