Welcome to Aulea! Please read below about tryouts, registration and Aulea Swim Club.

Our 2022-2023 season is in session and the club is at full capacity! Next tryout will be in February/March 2023. If you are new to the island and looking to transfer from another USA Swimming club and LSC, please email coach Joe at [email protected]

After the tryout (immediately or that evening), you will be notified of the outcome and will be recommended to one of our groups. Swimmers ages 6-18 may try out. .For more information, please call 263-SWIM or email Coach Joe at auleaswimclubkailua@gmail.com. Tryout dates rarely change but you can always email in advance to make sure the tryout is still happening.

The purpose of the tryout is to assess minimum requirements and also to place each swimmer in one of 7 swim groups -- or to our pre team group.

Step 1: Tryout. As noted above, please show up for one of our 3 annual tryout dates. Please print, complete and bring this TRYOUT FORM to your child's tryout.  Please have your child wear a suit and bring goggles and a towel to the tryout. If your child makes the team, he or she may be invited to stay for practice that day.

Next Step: Two Week Free Trial: If your child comes to try out and meets Aulea’s minimal requirements -- and there is availability in the club -- he/she will be welcomed to the team and given a free two-week trial. He or she can attend as many practices as desired. Prior to the end of the two week time period, parents will need to complete an online registration process so their child can continue swimming.

Third Step: Registration: Your online registration needs to be completed within two weeks of your try out. Parent will initiate the registration process at www.aulea.org (on left Systems/Start Registration) and a representative from Aulea will approve and finalize registration. You’ll need to provide account and member information, email a birth certificate and pay the initial fee by credit card. Once you are registered with Aulea and you have access to your account, you can switch your payment method to automatic checking account withdrawal (ACH).



How much does the team cost?

Monthly dues are between $60 and $110 depending on the swim group.  In addition there is an $80 annual registration fee for the USA Swimming organization. There are also entry fees for swim meets (typically $2-3 per event and most kids swim 3-4 events per meet). Aulea requires all parents to pay by automated checking account withdrawal or credit card.

When are practices?

The team is currently practicing at multiple pools on the island (Kailua District Park, Kapolei Aquatic Center, Kokokahi YWCA and Le Jardin Academy).  Intro I and II swim three times a week, Bronze and Silver practice 4 times a week, as do Junior and Gold.  Senior and Senior Elite swim 7-8 times a week.  Check our most recent weekly update for a typical schedule (news section of website).

How are parents expected to get involved:

Practice, meets and special events/activities (which are critical to helping form friendships and bonds and keep kids interested in swimming) are not possible without parent volunteers. Aulea expects parents to volunteer in some way for at least 20 hours per year.

How often are meets?

Please note that all info on swim meets is pre pandemic info:

Swim meets on Oahu occur about every 3 weeks, but not every swimmer is eligible for each meet. In brief, a 'C' swimmer has no time. There are time levels for each age group, they increase in their competitiveness in the following order: 'B', 'A', 'AA' (can go to an “Invitational” meets), 'Qual' (they can go to the state meets), 'Zone' (can go the regional US Zone Meet).  After that it does not matter how old you are, you are fast and can go to 'Sectionals' or further.   

What if my child does not want to swim at meets?

Aulea is a competitive swim club and swimmers are strongly encouraged to compete. However, some swimmers and parents initially feel overwhelmed by the process, the events, heats, numbers, etc.  We recommend kids attend some meets even if they don’t want to compete; they can watch their friends and hopefully see that 'I can do it too.'  With time, the meet becomes a way to measure improvement and many children look forward to the opportunity to see that improvement.   

Do swimmers have to wear a uniform?

We encourage swimmers to buy and wear Aulea swim caps (kids with long hair at practice; all kids at meets). Swimmers need to wear goggles and swim suits appropriate for competitive swimming. At this time Aulea does not have a uniform, but that may change.

Is there play time during practice?

In general, no. Kids are encouraged to form friendships outside the pool – Aulea plans numerous social activities and many kids come a bit early or stay a bit late to socialize with friends. During practice, kids do interact with each other and further their friendships, but they are focused on conditioning and stroke technique. Once a year, Aulea does host a week-long “Aulea Olympics” that is completely focused on camaraderie, team spirit and fun.


Forms & Documents


TRYOUT FORM - Completed form required before new swimmers can enter the pool at tryout

USA Swimming Transfer form (pdf file) - for those transferring from other teams


City & County Waiver form (pdf file)



Aulea's Pool Location

Pool address:  32 S. Kainalu Drive, Kailua, HI  96734. The pool is located in Kailua District Park next to the tennis courts (near the library and police/fire station).


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