Weekly update- LONG COURSE BEGINS!

Joe Glenn

Aloha all,

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and conclusion to their spring break.

Long course training begins this week at KDP (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  Long course is very integral to the swimmers training and its very important that the kids come on deck quickly to help put lane lines and stay at the end to help remove lane lines in order to maximize swim time!

This week we will be on our regular practice schedule for all groups.

In addition Junior/Senior will have morning on Wednesday from 5:50-7:00 AM and a saturday practice from 2:00-3:45 PM.  Both of these practices will be at LJA.

I will also be publishing the spring and summer meets this week once the Oahu Swim League finanlizes the schedule.

Happy streamlines and Goooo Aulea!

Coach Joe