Here are Aulea's policies regarding swim suits for 13+year old swimmers.

13Year Old & Older Athletes:

ALL 13& Older athletes should have one Competition level suit. This will be their “go to” suit at most meets. The AULEA Approved Team Suit is the Speedo Launch Splice and is available on our Team Unify Website under the Swim Store Tab.

Coach’s comment: These suits are basic, often Lycra (or similar fabric), suits. Boys may wear “Jammer” style or “Brief” style. These suits should be smaller and more fitting than a training suit. Most new swimmers order suits (both practice and racing) that are 1-2-3 or 4 sizes too large. This suit should NOT have a white “FINA APPROVED” label on the suit.

13&Older athletes may also wear a Performance level suit at selected meets. Options include:

  • Speedo Fastskin FSII  Recordbreaker
  • Speedo LZR Racer Pro Recordbreaker
  • Speedo LZR Racer Elite/Elite 2
  • Speedo LZR Racer X

Coach’s comment: These suits are high-level performance suits. These types of suits should be worn at Olympic Trials, Nationals, Junior Nationals, USA Swimming Grand Prix meets, other USA Swimming "Club Championship"-type meets like Senior Champs, Sectionals, or High School State & Regional Championships.

Summary: 13&Older athletes should have one Competition level suit. Many 13&Older athletes will also want one Performance level suit to wear at Championship Type Meets.

If you have a question as to an appropriate suit please ask Head Coach, Joe Glenn.


Important Suit Notes:

  • Athletes should wear their Speedo Launch Splice competition suit in most racing situations.
  • It is important that all swimmers wear Speedo brand suits. Speedo is “our” brand.
  • Performance suits have a very short life. Their use can be measured not in meets but in races. Please follow  all proper care tips to extend the life as much as possible.
  • You can purchase and view AULEA’s approved team suits at the Swim and Tri website which is found on our Team Unify Webpage under the Swim Store Tab.