Reid Yamamoto

Aloha Parents, Good day. Please remember to sign up (coach Marie and coach Erik’s group) for each workout session that you plan on attending. PLEASE do not just show up to the pool without signing up because you may be in danger of not being able to get in because of our 4 swimmer per lane restriction. Thanks a lot and please stay safe and mask up and practice social distancing. Aloha, Coach Reid

Hawaii Swimming Club was founded in 1945 by Soichi Sakamoto.  He was a former school teacher from Maui who loved children.  He started a swim program for the plantation children who used swimming to stay out of trouble.  Unable to swim in the plantation pool, his swimmers worked out in a irrigation ditch. From those humble beginnings, Coach produced some of the worlds best swimmers, and Olympic champions.    Our orignial logo, Designed in 1945 by Coach Soichi Sakamoto The Olympic Torch, with Wings of Victory. Our Team Colors are...

Aloha Parents, Welcome to Hawaii Swimming Club.  We hope that your aquatic experience will be filled with lots of hard work, making new friends, laughter,  and excitement.  USA Swimming has lots of great information for parents and please don't hesitate to talk to the coaches as well if you have any questions.