Reid Yamamoto Jan 10, 2029

Aloha everyone, Good day.  I wanted to let you know that we have our PINK HSC caps for sale.   The caps are $12 each.  The club will make around $167 profit from the sales of the caps.  We will then donate $200 to the cancer society to lend our support to cancer research. Thanks a lot and if you would like to purchase a cap, please bring exact change to the pool anytime BEFORE 4:30pm.  Thanks a lot and we have about 40 caps left to sell. Thanks so much...

Reid Yamamoto Mar 14, 2019

Aloha Parents, Good evening.  Coach Marie and Coach Erik's group  will be on break from Friday March 15th - March 22nd.  If you are swimming the meet on Saturday March 23rd, please meet @ Kihei Pool at 7:30am.  This time may change so please stand by.   Again, Coach Marie and Coach Erik's group will be on break from Friday March 15th - March 22nd.  Thanks a lot and have a great evening! Coach Reid

Reid Yamamoto Mar 6, 2019

Congratulations Austin DeCambra !!!! Austin was selected as the 2019 MIL Male Swimmer of the year.  He is a Winter Junior National qualifier (100 breastroke ) and MIL Champion in the 50 free and 100 breastroke. Good job Austin and keep up the good work.  You will start a new journey soon so make the most of the rest of this season!

Reid Yamamoto Mar 6, 2019

Congratulations to all the HSC Maui swimmers who made the MIL Swimming All Star list for 2019.  We had swimmers on the first team, the second team, and honorable mention.   Keep working hard and always have a positive mindset! CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Reid Yamamoto Feb 18, 2019

Aloha all, Good day. There is NO Workout for all groups this afternoon ( Monday Feb. 18th). Thanks a lot and have a great day. Aloha, Coach Reid

Reid Yamamoto Feb 11, 2019

Aloha parents, Good day.  I am going to bring some fins to workout to see if you want to purchase for your kids for workout.  These fins are DMC fins and they are regular price $80, but if we can purchase 40 or more pairs the cost drops to $40.   These will be available to the junior kids and above I believe.  They don't have real "little" kid sizes.   Thanks a lot and if you would like to try on these fins with the intent to purchase, then please come...

Reid Yamamoto Jan 25, 2019

Attention parents: NO workout for the senior and junior group today, Friday January 25th.  Regular workout resumes on Monday January 28th. Coach Reid 

Apr 7, 2011

Hawaii Swimming Club was founded in 1945 by Soichi Sakamoto.  He was a former school teacher from Maui who loved children.  He started a swim program for the plantation children who used swimming to stay out of trouble.  Unable to swim in the plantation pool, his swimmers worked out in a irrigation ditch. From those humble beginnings, Coach produced some of the worlds best swimmers, and Olympic champions.    Our orignial logo, Designed in 1945 by Coach Soichi Sakamoto The Olympic Torch, with Wings of Victory. Our Team Colors are...

Mar 17, 2011

Aloha Parents, Welcome to Hawaii Swimming Club.  We hope that your aquatic experience will be filled with lots of hard work, making new friends, laughter,  and excitement.  USA Swimming has lots of great information for parents and please don't hesitate to talk to the coaches as well if you have any questions.