Aloha Parents: Message regarding our permit for August - December

Reid Yamamoto

Aloha Parents,

Good day.  I hope everyone is in good health and thankful that Hurrican Douglas passed us without much trouble.  

So the next tri-mester permit (August - December)  has HSC's  pool use hours cut substantially.  HSC will now have T, Th, Sa in the mornings from 7:00am - 8:00am (same as our last permit).  Our afternoons have been cut a lot.  We now have Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday afternoons from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.  We used to have M - F afternoons.  

We will be trying to work on getting more hours so everyone please send the permits office some good thoughts.  Other teams have more PM hours than us so things are not all fair.  BUT, let's think positive and pray that the Kokua Pool repairs are done soon. Once this happens, I am sure that we will get more hours for training.  

Again, like last time I will let you know when we need to get the word out and fight for our kids but we can still be patient for now.  If you see Bob Pellettieri around, PLEASE tell him thanks for ALL his hard work.  He is dealing with ALL of the clubs permit issues so we need to be VERY THANKFUL for his hard work.

If there are any questions please email me.  Again, your coaches will be and working hard to try to get all the kids in the water at some point.  

Have a great day and please make sure to mask up and wash your hands.  Take care everyone.


Coach Reid