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2023-2024 Swim Season Pricing 


Bronze Group

Quarterly Billing Rate: $1120 (4 x $280)

Semi Annual Billing Rate: $1030 (2 x $515) 

Annual Billing Rate: $950

Silver Group

Quarterly Billing Rate: $1240 (4 x $310) 

Semi Annual Billing Rate: $1120 (2 x $560) 

Annual Billing Rate: $1030

Gold Group

Quarterly Billing Rate: $1340 (4 x $335) 

Semi Annual Billing Rate: $1200 (2 x $600) 

Annual Billing Rate: $1100 

Senior Group

Quarterly Billing Rate: $1680 (4 x $420) 

Semi Annual Billing Rate: $1600 (2 x $800) 

Annual Billing Rate: $1500



  1. Annual USS Membership Fee for All Groups for 2023-2024: $88 (this is the price for season 2022-2023 and we will update with the new price when it's set by USA Swimming) Note that this fee is paid online directly to USS and not collected by ISC. USA Swimming Premium membership must be maintained current at all times.
  2. Quarterly Fees are collected upon Registration and then on 12/1/23, 3/1/24 & 6/1/24
  3. Semi Annual Fees are collected upon Registration and then on 3/1/24
  4. Annual Membership Fees are collected upon Registration Only
  5. All Swim club dues and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable 
Once paid all swim club dues become non-refundable. A minimum of two weeks advanced written notice is required if your swimmer is relocating and you need your ISC membership canceled. We are a year-round program and membership must be maintained year-round. 

'Iolani Masters 

Monthly Fee: $60 due on the 1st of each month

(*USMS Registration Required for Masters Swimmers at www.usms.org)


**** All Swim club dues and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable ****


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