'Iolani Prep Swim Club

'Iolani Prep Swim Club is a progressive program of swimming instruction. There are four levels* through which the swimmers progress according to their skill and endurance. Upon completion of the four levels, the swimmers will be invited to join the 'Iolani Swim Club, our local competitive USA Swimming team.

Registration** for the 'Iolani Prep Swim Club lessons program for summer 2023 will begin on February 27th at: www.iolaniswimclub.com:


The 'Iolani Prep Swim Club lessons will be held Monday through Friday with three summer sessions as listed below. Swimmers can register for multiple sessions. 


Session 1: June 13 - June 30        Class Time: 11:55am-12:40pm       Price: $345  


Session 2: July 3 - July 21             Class Time: 11:55am-12:40pm      Price: $345     


                                                                                                                                                      Session 3: July 24 - August 4                    Class Time: 2:00-2:45pm              Price $230


* Standards for Performance Levels


                                   Hoka (Beginner) Level 1                                    

 The students are taught how to put their faces in the water and exhale. They learn how to push of the bottom of the shallow end of the pool and bob their head underwater while exhaling. They also learn how to float on both their stomach and their back, and must be able to propel themselves twelve feet through the water by kicking. Elementary freestyle and backstroke are introduced.


He'e (Advanced Beginner) Level 2

Students are taught the basic mechanics of freestyle and rhythmic breathing. They must be able to breathe consecutively to the side and their arms must recover out of the water. The student is also taught how to combine arm and leg movements with the back float. The head should be aligned with the spine and the kick should be continuous and effective. The student must be able to successfully complete one length (25 yards) of the pool without stopping, both in freestyle and backstroke in order to advance to the next level. 


Honu (Intermediate) Level 3

The student is taught how to finesse the backstroke and freestyle stroke, body roll, and kick. He/she will begin some endurance training and will perform drills and practice one full pool length (25 yards) at a time. Special attention is paid to arm recovery methods and hand entry positions into the water. The kick should be continuous and effective and the head should rotate with the axis of the body consistently. Elementary breaststroke is briefly introduced at this level.

Hihimanu (Advanced) Level 4

The student continues to work on both backstroke and freestyle techniques, while increasing their swimming distances. In freestyle, the elbows must be higher than the hand during recovery and the pull must extend all the way back to the thigh. The kick should be strong, effective, continuous and at the surface most of the time. In backstroke, the shoulder roll is required, and the head must be aligned with the spine without any rotation. This will be the student’s first introduction to the breaststroke and he/she must master an acceptable kick before advancing to the next level. Continuing to work on endurance, the butterfly stroke is also briefly introduced in this level. After successfully completing this level and as soon as the students have sufficient endurance capacity and have demonstrated a basic grasp of the four racing strokes, they will be invited to join the 'Iolani Swim Club.


**Registration: Please note that a limited number of spots are available due to pool space. In addition, during Summer 2023 we will accept a limited number of kindergarteners (must be over 5 & 1/2 years old). The 'Iolani Swim Club follows all 'Iolani School and USA Swimming guidelines and precautions to maintain its safety standards. Further, the 'Iolani Swim Club and this prep program are independent and not a part of 'Iolani Summer Programs and After School Programs.

For students registered for 'Iolani Summer Programs ('ISP) morning classes:

  • Students should not be registered for afternoon classes with 'ISP
  • Students must be picked up right after Prep-Swim Club from Kamoku Street
  • Prep Swim Club instructors will supervise students until picked up
  • Lunchtime will not be provided

For students not registered for 'Iolani Summer Programs ('ISP):

  • Please arrive no earlier than 11:40 am at Kamoku Street ready for swimming
  • Students must be picked up right after Prep Swim Club from Kamoku Street
  • Prep Swim Club instructors will supervise students until picked up


* 'Iolani Prep Swim Club fees are paid upon Registration only and are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


          For more information, please contact Vel Zhereva at (808) 321-4109 or [email protected]